Saturday, March 30, 2013

moment updates.....

after writing about the V day in 2012.. there goes busy busy and lazy to write about the same going on everyday. my goodness, where did the fun go??

well, there's new kind of fun after committed to a SERIOUS relationship. things that i need to do every week.....can u imagine!!

THE Cleaning
clean the house, not just normal cleaning, its deep cleaning. even the things inside the drawers i need to clean them once in awhile.. and BY THE WAY, since when Malaysia weather so dusty !!!!

THE Arranging
rearrange and rearrange... guys, can u please do not touch or move anything thing in the house.
sort out the clothes that belong to hanging, folded, and which compartment or basket to keep those hanging or folded bedsheets, pillow cases, or may be shirt, pants.. etc.

THE reCleaning process
i know im a OCD freak.... mind me. it's for our own good. and seriously, do u like hotel kind of clean? or u prefer to stay under a roof and spend your time sleeping under grease or dust? and what's wrong to make sure u clean your hand or feet..... do it!!!! do it people, u are driving me crazy. so pissed of when i done cooking, and found out the dining table is not clean. and and..... when i'm about to start cooking, and found out the previous user did not keep it clean.............i felt so tired instead of pissed some times.

i know it's not a big deal..... but people, i wish i can be relax and the house will be kept clean my terms by other. anyone wants to do it for me?? i miss my studio room back in Kuwait [history, not gonna happened] ... so clean and so organised!

oh gosh.... i'm out of the topic again..
well, nothing much after V day in 2012......oh ya, i got engaged in May... congratulation to me!! [will write about it soon]

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