Monday, April 30, 2012


28th of April 2012.... this is not just a date on the calender, it is a historical moment for all the Malaysian in Malaysia, especially to those who went to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur [KUL]. I personally respect those silence protestor who went there for this major/ biggest historical event.

let me brief you guys who still dont know what is "BERSIH",  it means clean, why clean? may be the following would help a little:-
Please do not forget the 8 demands of Bersih. Together we stand.

1.Clean the electoral roll
2.Reform postal vote
3.Use indelible ink
4.Free & fair access to media
5.Minimum 21 days campaign period
6.Strengthen public institutions
7.Stop corruption
8.Stop dirty politics

loud and clear folks, and its easy to understand as well.
may be there's people dont understand, or pretend not to understand/ aware of the situation right now although they stay in Malaysia. someone told me this before 428, "why care? it doesnt affect you any way." really? you can be that farking ignorant?? ! woww, seriously im kindda amazed with her/ he statement. ok, let's start all over again since there's articles, and videos shared on the supposed to be peaceful rally turned into a chaotic situation?? i wonder can u still have the attitude 'cant be bothered?'
i believed we do not pay tax for the force to protect the grass inside the circle??
can someone explain that to clear my doubts?
why the violence start? what caused it? victims got provoked? by whom? the peaceful demonstrator threw flamming gas bottle to the police? did they bring sticks or sharp objects in order to attack the local authorities? by the way, the police forces aren't supposed to protect the civiliance? how come they protect the grass ? where is the human rights? where's the freedom of speech?

local transportation in the city shut down, road blocked. but this did not stop people coming from all over the states, they walked 20km towards dataran merdeka to gather together for this BERSIH, the 8 demands in a peaceful way. malays, chinese, indians, kids accompanied by their parents, youngsters and even 70 ish folks there to tell the government, the world what we want. again, mind me, in a peaceful way.

there's two  video i watched several times and im emotional about it.

and here's another video u guys must pay attention at, as a Malaysian, i got so angry, emotional.

i understand alot Malaysian they want to do some thing about it, or may be they dont wish to do any thing about it due to their personal point of view. there's Malaysian want to do some thing but they're away from the country due to work in order to have income to support the families, due to exams, etc. But..... i hope those Malaysian who's inside the country can do their best to save the country, safe yourself. we do not deserved this, at least i think you guys dont deserve this since u are a tax payer.

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  1. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Hope you will attend the next rally.