Tuesday, January 11, 2011

christmas 2010

christmas is always my fav... well, not just christmas, i love all festi season comes with food treat, yum yum yummm. heheheh...LOL

christmas is just around the corner, me and the gals decided to go out for movie at one of the mall in the city which i can get travel by train then steamboat buffet for dinner !! wohooo !! finally guys and gals ! that's one of the MUST EAT from my list.
look at the christmas deco.... NICE !look at the slice beef and slice pork... woooooo !!thank you gals for the day out, i had fun... reminds the fun day out back in kuwait. xie xie !
on christmas, we had family dinner at Malacca. the place i always love to go. but the traffic was really fuck up ! hmm.... no problem to traffic, as long as i have my steak waiting for me....... and guess what??? it wasnt that good, and the service suxx like hell.. OMG... never mind, never mind, just another not so nice restaurant in my little black book.
and some lovely gift for the gals ... thank you bin bin cousin for helping out too.and big thanks to Mr.C for 2010 christmas gift !! been craving for this for a year !! love it !

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