Tuesday, January 11, 2011

let's face the reality ~

hhmm..... how should i start on this.

i know im not old enough to talk about this, but im not young though. if u are one of my blog follower since 2006... u gonna know what's my perception towards life, people, reality and the ugly truth. so please get offended of personal on this. and big thanks to my fellow friends and families who always being supportive and kind to me all this while.

i know best what i want in life honey,
because i been through bad, difficult, harsh moment in life since young. i know how it feels, i know how others judge me, i know why they judge me.

yes, i was angry, i have alot of hates inside !! i hate those bitch on my family, i hate those stay away, and avoid my family because we were so poor and it doesnt bring any good to others if they stay close. i hate everyone who didnt help, i hate everyone who didnt be understanding.

well, all this doesnt do me any good, it make me upset and im not a cool person all the time. but im kind of good now, better i supposed. im really, truely glad and im thankful to all of them who contribute the chaos, the trouble, the shit to me instead. they're the one who help me tuned and adjusted my perception, well, books help alot as well. these people in my life, they're my true motivation dude ! and because of all these ugly truth in reality, i learnt well, and still learning. huray !! better than any thing, this is a gift from life, from God !

i know best what i want in life,
because im the one behold my own destiny.

this end up i know what i want in life, which u cant blame me. im realistic, im materialistic because i get stress easily. and of course, i dislike to have nor go through stress moment any more. just dont like it, im sure no one like it any way. im enjoying my current life, i like it alot because i work for it, i contented with my plan. life is always like that, u need short term plan as well as long term plan to have a better life, to make things work. this is what im trying to work out for the future. please be understanding.

when i met u, im glad, im happy. i want to feel good and joyful everyday.
i know its hard, i know its frustrating to stick to the plan. my plan to be actually, which i know its not romantic. i love romance too, who doesnt??? !! but i prefer to sort things out first. this is me, im a very rational and with patience, this is my way of dealing with life. i wish i could forget and dont give a fuck to every thing, and then.... what next? to commit a serious relationship and grow old together is not about the first few years, its gonna be a very long period of time. if dont give a fuck now, sooner or later the problems may or may not come back. why not sort it out now? and be a good planner?

i really want things can work out, and have better plan, make life easier in our future. i know it drives u crazy because im a rational person and it seems like im not loving, which i dont know how to re-explain why i have to be rational and patience all the time. please be understanding and cope with me. i want it to be forever, long term instead of being romatic, without good planning. thati call it uncertain..never gonna know what gonna happen, which will easily kick start my anxiety. sorry about it, but its true.

life is a bitch, reality is not romantic, so am i ~~

KFC day out

am i a KFC fan?? not really, but i will crave for fast food once in awhile.

was planned to go out as a KFC day out with folks, but it end up just Linda Lee and me. well, seriously dun care who's not gonna join for the treat, plan will still ON no matter what !! hahahha, any thing when comes to food.......... im ON it !! food is my life, food always make me happy, unless its super lousy, bad taste and farking not work for money... emm, money is my best friend too. when i use my hard earn best friend [money] to get food [life], for sure i want some thing good in the end !! LOL !! so.. cut the story short................... just my excuses.
sorry for the distraction again..... hahahha !!
look at the latest KFC recipe !! and the burger !!!! yum yum

christmas 2010

christmas is always my fav... well, not just christmas, i love all festi season comes with food treat, yum yum yummm. heheheh...LOL

christmas is just around the corner, me and the gals decided to go out for movie at one of the mall in the city which i can get travel by train then steamboat buffet for dinner !! wohooo !! finally guys and gals ! that's one of the MUST EAT from my list.
look at the christmas deco.... NICE !look at the slice beef and slice pork... woooooo !!thank you gals for the day out, i had fun... reminds the fun day out back in kuwait. xie xie !
on christmas, we had family dinner at Malacca. the place i always love to go. but the traffic was really fuck up ! hmm.... no problem to traffic, as long as i have my steak waiting for me....... and guess what??? it wasnt that good, and the service suxx like hell.. OMG... never mind, never mind, just another not so nice restaurant in my little black book.
and some lovely gift for the gals ... thank you bin bin cousin for helping out too.and big thanks to Mr.C for 2010 christmas gift !! been craving for this for a year !! love it !