Sunday, October 31, 2010

vacation_first stop: london

just got back from my 2 weeks vacation.. which lucky me to get into london earlier than expected. thank you everyone for making this happened ! thank you Malaysia airline ground staffs [ although u are really slow, but took the efford to print out my ticket, thanks ], thanks to the crew onboard, and of course thanks to the pax sat next to me moved to other seat [ which i loved to occupied 4 seats by myself ], thanks to the UK custome not holding me back at the counter [thanks to my current job] and of course thanks to missy wu to spare me half of her bed. appreciate that baby !

and of course, we went party ! MAHIKI is the place i always wanted to go during my europe sector to london. woohoo !! im so farking drunk but belle couldn't tell, not until i asked her to help me to refresh yesterday memory..LOL !!

we went wander every where in london city for a bit, nice coffee, dessert, lunch and dinner. yum yum !!

i had fun of course !! with lot of bruises due to clumsy me... but who cares ! hehehe..

missy wu fav cofffe shop,, and now mine !!

damn nice latte !

french lunch..

italian dinner at jamie's..

wander around the city.....
and tower bridge at night !
next stop : IBIZA island