Monday, August 23, 2010

some what quality mind restoring moments...

i'm so emotional by having this cup of coffee right now. damn ! i miss some of u out there !

my mood getting crazy after the weekend. and why is that happening? some of u know me damn well, may sense what's wrong lately... well, i may say : It's the weather again ! *wink

been reading and watching some sort of mind restoring stuffs. and of course went out all these while, thanks for the sweet hearts for their time. umm... sweet hearts, nah, not so much actually. ^^

books: been saying the same thing over and over again. and its really truth, the ugly truth indeed.

sitcom: keep the fishes on the hook is the classic relationship game. womenizer.... well, as long as the players hot, or damn good player with not so hot looking. this is so interesting wey !!

outing: umm..... same old story. nothing much to mention though. but i had fun, thanks. and no thanks for next up coming event any more with certain people yooo !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sunday show with the mates

after yesterday freaking exhausted party session, i got to wake up in another 5 hours to meet up MR. the great to do him a favour which he already pre-booked me 2 months ago for his graduation show.

so, i was on my way to MR......with all the hassel and getting lost of directions...well, it's all good. at least i reached the venue, finally !!

every thing was in a rush, messy and run out of time !! bad time management MR. !
took some pix during the mess session... these gals are mean, i like them already !

although with this crazy mess, u still made it MR. and i'm amazed although u didnt get to finished every thing and it still look normal. muahahah !!
congratulations on your OUTSTANDING course work babe ! proud of u !

and THANKssss for making me look gorgeous babe !!! love it !

2nd week of AUG_phuturing again !

once again.... party with the gals. and too bad DJ fong not available last week, he went party in another country instead.. hehe

was a little late for the party, due to some lousy lame excuses. well, she is so black listed fron now on. finally get inside the club and the crowd... was ok. frankly, i noticed there's a age category difference now. i'm damn old for the guys when they try to fish me, and they're too young for me to say OK ! muhahhaha * F@ck !! there's only one thing they said that make me happy... i look younger than my real age. Thanks !! * wink

here's the gals..
my ex- pharma kaki..
the strangers...with my friends
any way, did had fun with the group. and i'm glad to erase some of the annoying memory from the past [my dress memory]. thank you everyone ! i'm happier now and i've moved on bit.... gonna be more good news soon ! just wait for it everyone !

Thursday, August 12, 2010

awesome night !

wow..... since been sustained and had nothing much to do back in Kuwait last week. the gals planned to go out to trash the club ! I'M ALL IN !!

but it turns out crap, gals wanna postponed the plan.. im fine with that. because i'm going to the clun with my Monash hearty piesss any way ! as usual, the 3 crazy kids ! we decided to invite more friends instead. i called others 'Monash party alumni' to join in, and miss E called our home town gal with her cool friends. and of course, we met some others regulars at the clubs, omar the guy met at bali, liyee with the friends at work, nicole my colleague and some new found friends.. awesome ! i felt im back to party at london ! im not kidding..cos i applied i dont give a damn mood that night ! *evil laugh
the ozz team player.. i like the spec dude !
Monash party alumni + medical rep
the members....
jeremy the dancing queen
and thanks ....! hehe

alot of laughs, hugging and piggy rides going on..... non stop drinking too, but not me. i'm not even tipsy, just bit tired due to dancing and talking. by the way, damn the fat gal on heels stepped on my toes, OUCH ! even my heels got blood on it ! crazy heels !
party's over and let's go home to get some sleep ! love the night and thanks every each of u to restore my mood !

refresher 2010

well, went back Kuwait to renew the flying license. i must say, its pretty well going ! huray... huray... i see u Kuwait next year i reckon.

a week of total 100% myself and the silence back in Kuwait. seriously, i miss that part of my life just a bit. its just mind free, i do what ever i want to, i dont have to please any one any time. i do wat ever i want, when ever i want to. well, alot shit things back then. but, most important is i dont live i Kuwait any more. but i dont mind to go back for refresher course once a year, i meant seriously, ONCE a year is more than enough.

met some of my main base colleagues. we went out for food, non sense talk for couple of hours and................. shopping ! every thing is on ON SALE !

sakura @ crown

pink berry @ avenues

UNO @ avenues

hard rock @ marina bay
time passed just like that in a week, theory, practical, aviation safety, residence, crew management certificate, civil ID.. etc. CHECKED !

let's go home !