Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cameron highland 17 july 2010

just a short trip with family to cameron highland.. which is not that fun. im not allowed and restricted to so many things.. FUCK u man !!

well, its not gonna happen again with the nagging folk.

serious wanna yell and say : HELLO, vacation !! farking hell no more work stuffs ok !! talk about food, talk about when and where is the next desti to visit. that sounds much better !!

and thank god its just a short trip ! and its within Malaysia. no farking way im going out the country with not fun people ! farking hell killing my mood !!

any way..... its all good. once in awhile.

here's the pix.. tea farm, roses, corn, strawberries and food of course. wat's else with Win Khoo !
steamboat !! yum yum !
ok, i see u in another 5 years cameron highlands.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


life getting fun.... wohoo ! i love Malaysia, proud to be Malaysian, and i love my job too !! * wink

went bali for 4 days just to rest my mind, and of course wanna to hang out with the gals.

really love those just me, drinks, books and the beach or may be pool boleh jugak. i dun care, i just wan to go out and rest my mind, stress free vacation !
didnt go every where at Bali, just spend most of the time at the pool and beach, and of course...... at the parties !!
how about the crowds??? ... hmm, serious dislike it !! alot crazy freaks all around the places. but i had alot of fun with my own friends... which is very cool !! hehe, non stop laughs and crazy jokes ! thank you gals and boys ! and im so tanned !!
at the beach... sun set !
apu's giving me a ride.... almost kena accident wey ! driver's at bali macam sial !
the surfer boys !
at the parties !