Friday, April 30, 2010

another unruly pax

goshh ! i almost want to shout at the unruly pax onboard.

i wonder why such stupid idiot, bastard, sick psycho live their life as a priest. and how he get his license?? !! done he feel ashame to become a unruly pax??

every thing was ok, but the drama starts when the seat belt sign ON. hell knows wat's wrong with him !!

i passed by the cabin to check the pax while collecting the head sets before i can give my side for clearance to zone responsible. pax at 25C, very nice !! he kept his medium luggage in between the vacant seat next to the aisle. hmm.... its farking not allow ! for those read my blog, u guys should know this is so wrong, its all about safety issue. so, im politely asked, is this your luggage?? he said yes. ok, i continued, can u keep this bag up, its not allow to keep this here due to safety issue. he replied: OK !

ok, fine, i walked from the front to the back again to double check the pax whether they fasten the seat belt and no obstacles blocking any where, and then proceed by collecting the blankets. hmm.... the luggage still in between the vacant seat. i looked at him and said to this fella cos he may not understand me just now. excuse me sir, can u please keep the bag inside the over head instead??? guess wat, he started to shout at me, WHY ??!!

because its not allow, due to safety measurements.
WHY !! with his finger pointing at me and yelled to me again and again WHY WHY WHY !
im not fighting with u, i just want u to keep it inside the overhead bin.
[WTF!! but i still clamed and talk nicely] i can assit u.
NO, U KEEP IT ! finger still pointing at me and said SHIT ! to me..... yeah, very well manner, i know.

i looked at my zone responsible, i told her this pax doesnt want to cooperate. she's trying to tell him the same thing, and he went crazy and shout to us, the whole cabin was looking at us.
hmm, actually out of the curteousy me and my colleague can help him to keep it up. but since is started it first with a really discomfort and rude way... ok ! let's report it. wohoo !

'excuse me sir, u dont have to be so rude though. im asking u in polite way and this is not wat i expected, respect yourself and others'

well, my colleague she went and told the cheif about it.... and im still at the cabin, switched to the front row. this uncle memang too much though, he still scold like no body business. sighh.... its really pissed me off. when i tied the plastic bag, i looked at him and said : Thanks !

after im done with the blankets.... where is the cheif?? ok ok, lemme go to the front myself.

cheif, this 25C pax is very rude, i guess if its possible, he will spit on me since he thinks im not supposed to ask him to lift the bag.

finally the cheif went to him, and another man came forward and said he is sorry to me, must be some misunderstanding, bla bla bla.
excuse me sir, u dont have to be sorry, he is the one should say it. by asking him to keep the bag up seems very clear message. wat's about the misunderstanding.

hmm.....and while he talked to the cheif, he was rude as well. oh come on !! give me a break, u call youtrself a priest and just visited israel summore !!

any way, cheif gave him a shower and me as well, ok, that's it. and.... i really dont care whether the cheif wanna believed him or me though. im so ready to draw attention to make him look bad, and im already pretty ugly once he start shouting at me. im a flight attendant on board to do my job, not your maid/ slave ! be nice to me, i may be the one who safe your life after all.

the way back, cheif was picking on me during the service. thanks to those pax again, right after i served them meal on their adjustable tray, he switched his seat to another aisle. so he left his tray on his seat, and make the lady next to her holding up her tray and tried to unfold the table. and bad timing, the cheif just arrived and saw it ! with her serious tone, "can u help her to unfold the tray?" very very nice timing!!!

she called me and asked, why u served the pax their meal tray on the hand, not on their folded tray. sighh............... i explained wat happened and i think she still not ok with that, but atleast she smiled. and i think im gonna be so screwed! hahah

well, i know these are small issues, but with this kind of pax profile.... i can only say: i love my job ! ^^

some reading....and some of my own

well.... i dont really like books. but i do like to read once awhile especially when im in the transports, when im waiting, when i want to improve my knowledge from time to time. basically, u may say its pretty bored than fashion mag... yeah, i think so. but reading books can kill more time instead, i would carry it for whole month in my bag than a fashion mag. any way, both are good !

reader's digest is the latest small and convi reading material i carry in my bag.. still ! cos i try not to miss any page. heheh

so far, this article catched my attention. "i'd rather be chained", the authur is a frequent flyer due to his job. this time he wrote about how he felt towards some one who's jealous and said 'it's better than being stuck at a desk'... well, the following is what im totally agreed with him. enjoy it !

'actually, no. in your office cubicle, u have 1.6 square metres to yourself. in my economy class seat, i have 50 square cm and half an armrest [which has to be fought for]. you have a computer on a desk; i balance a laptop on a rickety tray the size of my forearm. folks move freely in the office, if anyone near me makes the slightest movement, my coffee flies over my lap and laptop. you can take a break and walk around, in the cabin, the only door leads to instant death.

if u want fresh air, you open a window. the only thing i get to breathe is the recycled gaseous emissions of 160 strangers. at night, u get 2 pillows, a duvet and a full size bed. i get a cushion smaller than my head, a blanket so thin you can see thru it and a seat barely tilts. you get to sleep next to you spouse. i get to sleep with 160 producers of the gaseous emissions monetioned above. in the morning, you are gently woken by bird song. im woken in the middle of the night by flight attendants frying my retinas by switching all the cabin lights on. '

travel and work are different. my version is gonna be instead of 160 pax, i have more approximately 272 + 9 crew member when its full load on A340/ B777. i dont even have a meal tray, most of the time i rest the meal tray on my lap if i wan to eat, else i have to stand to finish my meal or drinks. i have to serve the pax and evaluate by the in flight manager on board through out the period when im still in uniform. pax will accused, blammed me on their own mistake, faced and deal with unruly pax from time to time. and the most fun part, on board manager may start picking on you cos they have doubt on your explainations. and u may get reported from time to time, and more explainations to carry on your day.. etc. you get dry skin due to flying, so you have to invest alot on skin care so u wont look too dry with wrinkles... and full make up worsen your skin, and some times leads to sensitive out break, pimples, black heads, acnes.

any way, i love my job though because it helps to pay off my study loan and some new toy.

futher more..... please dont say stupid things to me again if you know nothing about me alright? is that wrong when i know how to enjoy and indulge myself plus get myself a little bit of fun out of this lovely job?? i work hard and i deserved it ! please be understanding.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

miss belle wu and missy Teik Yo

booo ! guess wat ??

i was chatting with missy Teik whole night via MSN.. almost !
so so so funny and lots of OL !! baby, make sure u gonna have a good life ! u deserved it !

miss belle, baby gal... we miss u alot ! u are so funny when in games ! i still remember the clip ! * evil laugh...

those pix at the club, at the karaoke, at the street, at the restaurants, all reminds me about LONDON and u gals !

thank you missy Teik brought me to SOHO ! walked me to the bus stand for the mid night ride back to Heathrow. and all the funny stuffs !! never forget ! PLUS thanks for the wine ! the shorts ! and beers ! and all the jokes and games !

thak you belle gal for the meals and japanese sake ! i felt so warm cos i tasted Malaysia when i dont get to go home due to crazy duty pattern [ i meant the food !]

love u both alotsss !! * hugss

last, you J**** Ivan Teik, check your missed call !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my BD celebration @ MYS

last week was my birthday.... hheh, nothing much about it, cos didnt celebrate.

birthday eve and the following day i was on duty, mid night duty summore.

im alone with the uniforms and luggage at the airport.. hmmm, well, its not alone alone, there's a bunch of strangers with me at the airport to celebrate. woohoo !!

its pretty crazy though, i went to McD on the eve, and KFC the following day. my colleague and friends damn sarcastic and wishing me not to get pull for the flight... %^&*($#, thank you guys, this is for u all !! hahahhah.

brother fee came back and we went for early dinner before my duty though, thanks !!
sorry to monash frens i didnt get to attend the pre- BD celebration. just too lazy to step outside the house. summore miss crazy wonderful was telling me wanna have a post- BD celebration, so let's decide late sweet. make it before or after my trip to BKK.

im a little confused.....

why so??

im not sure coming back malaysia is a right decision any more...

of course, there's good and bad every where, no where is perfect, no one is perfect, as well as nothing is perfect !!

yesterday was chatting with my dear missy, talked about every thing, every situation, every possibilities, every out come, every thing that i would face if i changed every thing from now on. and im no longer that daring compare to before, this is all due to the commitments and responsibilities on my shoulder to myself and my family.

if i go, of course, i will make a big differences. but i will go back to the life that i had 3 years back. if i stay, i have nothing extra but every thing back home with everyone. i hesitate because i cant think good and for this situation, im no longer a good decision maker. grrrrrrrrr.... wat should i do to myself???

what i wanted most turned out not wat im expected, or may be expecting. things changed faster than wat i planned. with this current situation, i should be contented. but im a little greedy... but i dare not risk for it. because every thing is unsure. mr x and miss y will not stay, and wat's the point after all. i dont wan to be alone again. im so tired to be alone in the room 24/7 after duty. im tired to date mr dell although he is my soulmate. i dont want to feel depressed and emotional weak when i fall sick and i still have to craw to the kitchen to get a glass of water or make myself a light meal/ snack.

been thinking alot, and high lights a few important points. although im bit know where is it going.... but when i think twice or more. i dont have any conclusion, and wat's the point i stay although i wanted to be in Malaysia soooo much before.

this is really killing my brain cells, am i giving myself tooo much pressure???

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the realistic malaysian in malaysia

hmmm.. nothing much besides troubles from ppl around me. which i really hate that !

i like to be peace of mind, no problems, no troubles, and please dun get me involved too. im just a normal human being, a little ant on the earth ! im no one !! so , please leave me alone unless u are sincere enough just to go out chill without motive. thank you and appreciate that !

human being are complicated, my experience was not a great great fuck up issue, but it still mess up my day a bit. no doubt your friends, your cousins, your relatives, your friends that u dont even see them once a year want to get some thing out of u due to this competitive world. ok, understanding, i know u want commision, u need to hit target. just tell me in advance, dont let things happened and im the last one to find out from mail services. dont u think this is a little bit heartless and unfair to some one u know?? i wonder why small money can turns them into such.... grr. i duno how to express it in words. oh ya !! small small money can become big money !! any way, i felt that their heart and soul has been smoked with money.

and, wat i noticed too. they dont commited to their work any more. no more job responsibilites. come on guys, improve it, improve a bit ! i didnt expect u do do others good for extra, i just need u guys to be a little job responsible, and do your work. dont give other troubles and frankly speaking, i dont think others will be that kind to complete your work as well.

im a little frustrated and disappointed seriously. i dont need u guys to be good to me, but please do a little respect and fair to others.