Tuesday, March 23, 2010

belle belle at RAKU

hmm.. has been awhile didnt update my blog.. sorry bloggers, im bit lazy, seriosly malas. just dont have the mood to do any thing i guess.
so used to not doing any thing and life back in malaysia seems very busy though. i wonder why so.. time passes very fast although i just stay home for food, games and movies.
yeah ..... im showing off !!! wanna punch me now?? ! heheh
well, belle's back during chinese new year. we decided to go for jap dinner. and which is not bad but.... i wonder why i cant eat much now days. my appetide is low.... any way, we gals had fun and talk non stop as usual.

here's some nice food...and this is the sake she flew 14 hours all the way from london..

and rojak...

belle stay over to have slumber party?? hahha, yeah right ! but no party, just gal's talk.

nice to have u back belle, i see u soon i supposed.