Saturday, February 27, 2010


it's the gathering day again during the chinese new year.

went to the restaurant for 8 course.. or may be 9.. forgot ! i just makan, makan and drink only. that's my task of the day... plus a little bit of 'blow water' kekke !

we started with this... which i dont really like the taste....but who cares, its a gathering !!

along with the food....[some of it, which i sempat to take pix]

then some pix with the pan's family !! then we back for ben 10 gal's birthday cake..! happy birthday to u gal.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

chinese festi deco

i do like the deco at the mall when there's festi season...

this is the deco for CNY at mid valley.. didnt get the chance to take others.. damn malas after the christmas...

here u go.. i look it from under, so i can see the dragon flies... check this out.this is from de second floor

babi bakar party on chor 3 night

wow, the weather was freaking hot !!

but it's ok, since it's babi bakar party night. heheh

well, just an agenda by brother fee friend's gathering for CNY.

and i did enjoyed makan and minum again... and some pix taken by others camera..i like, i look good in that. i hope u guys gonna send me the file soon !!

here's some from my SONY!
some from CANON

thanks for the babi bakar.. im having sore throat now !! damn it !!

chinese new year 2010 + V day

its pretty cool to have chinese new year and valentine's day fall on the same day in 2010 !! dont u think the same?? i do like it... hehe

well, i spent most of my time staying at home with family and relatives.

makan, minum and tidur... this is how i spend my days usually, and why not doing it during the CNY.. hehe. the weather is freaking darn hot... better to stay home than going out for visiting.. well, u can always do it after then sun is down..good idea !!

told mom im so not gonna step out of the house for the regular visits,,, except on the day she need to go back to granny's place. so basically, we just stay home till the weather not that crazy and then we go.. LOL

here's some delicious food prepared by step-uncle's wife from china, new member for lee's family.

which i can only have it once a year....... and some they have it few times. which is why im not the top fav grand children. so, mrs. khoo, dont expect me to do any thing extra ok, please, i insist !!

and some thing really pissed me off and i must share !!!

listen cousins if u are reading this...........

when im about to leave granny house. my richie rich aunt in- law left her phone, so im kind enough to keep it and gonna hand it to her.... guess what !! my grandpa he asked me at least 3 times ok, 3 times. is this your phone??? are u going to give it back to your aunt?? hello, excuse me !! me and my mom not your fav kid, doesnt means i will take some thing belongs to some one right? !! we have pride ok !! and do i look im pretty poor although i came from a farking lousy poor family? and do u know me all these years actually?? !! i paid for my own farking education !! i dont need this farking phone, i can buy any thing i like for myself, i can afford that !!

***sighh... of course i didnt do any thing stupid.

instead of all the inner OS, i looked at grandpa, i said calmly to him, with no expression on my face :" yeah, im gonna give it to her later, dont u worry. and good bye [see u next year]." then i walked away.

so, on the second day of CNY, i get this kind of.....shyte stuffs. yeah, u can say im way too sensitive.. wat ever u wanna say man. i just dislike the way u reacted. or may be i should just leave it and let aunt in- law go back to get it by herself next time.

any way, happy chinese new year and happy valentine's to all of u !!

party with ex uni kaki

was quite a while ago i went party with miss e and mr fong together with his colleagues. sooooOOo, its time to update a bit about the outing.
any agenda for the outing?? hmm, nope i guess. just wanna finished and open a new bottle of whisky, that's all.. LOL
nahh, here u go to make sure u and the VIP in the pix.. hehe

as a regular kaki to this place... nothing much to talk about, the crowd is always the same. but as long as im with my friends, i enjoyed it. i had fun !!

thank you gal and boy !

Friday, February 05, 2010

curry puff day !

well, im not good in making curry puffs... in order to kill the bored mood and time. i decided to do some thing fun !

the eitire session is lenghten... but its ok, i just wanna kill time.

here it goes..

curry puffs with eggs inside?? yeah !!! u are right !

but the taste not so nice though... well, i will make it better on my 2nd attemp soon !

hehe.. and fixing the edge was total disaster for me... thank god mom help a bit on it and im still working hard on it..

tar daaaaa...... nice to see, not so nice to eat though. because there's alot left over on the dining table ! sob sob *

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

preston's wedding @ 31 jan 2010

deng deng Deng DENG !!deng deng Deng deng..... [lagu kahwin, use your imagination bit folks.. heheh]

my dear friend Preston, my primary school mate since standard 3 got married on last sunday... to be exact, he has his second wedding dinner at bangsar this time. thanks for the invitation dude, appreciate that !
FYI: i seldom attend wedding dinner, seriously ! this is my........3 rd time attending fren's wedding in my life so far. 1st was 7 years ago, and 2nd was chocolate's [brother fee ACS kaki] and preston, u are my 3rd !! hahha, yeah, u can say im anti social !!

woke up damn early...around 0730 LT and reached Preston's at 0815 LT . hahhaha, yeah!! i stepped on the gas and speed all my way from rasah kemayan to taman blossom.

took some pix once i reached and a big hug to preston... congrates dude !! so im gonna be a.k.a brother. called him wat colour should i wear once i woke up..... which is black and white ! OK boy !

went over to the bride's and some games going just watched!! hahha, totally not helping.
preston's OS: brother....tolong cooperate sikit, im still out side the gate !!

by the way, the sun is out !!its UV radiation so sooooooooo crazy !! kill the sun please, some one ! let's fast forward the games and every thing !! and finally, they're done and cam whoring again... heheh, as usual.

here's the pix of the 'hing dai' brother gang of Preston.

time to go back home !! and get some sleep before the dinner at bangsar !! tick tick tick....kill the time !! it goes tooo fast today! LOL
this kid ......... soooooOOoo cute !! * preston's nephew
it's was awesome to meet mrs. Lee. my primary school mate. totally didnt expect to see her here with her mr. Lee. well, i guess we were the only primary frend attended his wedding.... yeah !! we were ! kekek. so the whole evening, me and mrs. Lee got so many catching up session....gossiping, ahemm... up dating to be exact !!
mrs. Lee and me !
congrates preston and thanks !!! its was kindda fun.. and let's do it again !! Ohh, HELL NO ! hehe.... u such a fun lovely kid !