Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30 jan @ cheong sum

i went for this cheong sum event just now in the evening...... hmm, i can only say experience counts. and im totally suxx ! hehhe

im totally like an idiot standing on the stage, i dont even know how to post, how to walk good, or where should i look. damn disaster actually !! any way, i didnt expect to have all these in the beginning. fren was asking me to join, then im kindda bored, so i said ok!! mana tau this OK memang back fire me gaw gaw !!

i have to remember the so call easy steps, and i have to walk solo, answer ONE question ! which im totally don't want that. hhahah. when i remember the steps, i forgot to smile, when i smile, im totally carried away... serious blur. this shows not enough training and experience !! my hair.... doesnt look good, and my heels...hmm ! i duno wat to say. just disaster !

any way, i had bit of fun. just for the sake of chinese new year fun time, another kind of experience for me, which is cool i think.

here's the pix.... and will up load more later.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

wander at PJ @ Saturday 23 -24 JAN 2010

i went to Damansara again !!

hmm, just don't wan to have the same routine weekend. this week abit different because i went to concert with senior!

on the way from seremban, im GPS-ing how should i go there... loading loading.

let's go through bukit jalil, then kinara high way, let's check out the place ! i love that area because i stayed in BK !! wohoo, my fav A&W root beer float just around the corner! and still there !! plus hypermarket and new gas station is up, wau !! betul that much of ppl go buy stuffs?? any way, suka hati dia orang man !!

finally i reached damansara perdana !! via sunway, LDP then ta- darrr, im here !

lepak awhile with friend then we hit the road again !

chinese dinner before the concert.. yum yum
pix inside the surf beach...

then chilled with kaki's at sunway pyramid then supper !! which im not involved.
the day after that, im dead !! so tired, just wanna sit and rest on the couch whole day ! but my fren from the north going back so, hmmmmm.... i dont have other choice!! so we went dinner and chill again.. heheh!
duck breast pasta
salmon with baked potatoes
green fren @ apartment
@ library

any way, i had a wonderful weekend. thanks to my monash kaki !

double WOW !

flight going CGK and coming back to KUL is... busy ! but it's ok, i like this flight !

turbulence, bumpy is common, but i still don't like it much. it makes me drowsy, pening sangat! but this time bit floating.... i was expecting air pocket already ! first thing in my mind, SHIT then F@CK ! im so so so scared ! so afraid i will bang myself at the ceiling else cracked my head inside the galley else....fractured my bones??? i heard alot from others, so im bit tense! i quickly secured the box and wanted to sit down so much!!! hehehe

it happened twice in a row, damn stressed !! although its normal, but i don't like this kind of feelings wey, siapa suka.. hehe, although its fun!!!

just about to sit at aft jump seat, but chief announced over the PA to take the station... #$%^!@#$ !! means i have to walk another 50m.. k i can do it and will grab the seat if any thing emergency situation. muahahah.

thank god, no more shaky, no more bumpy, nothing ! piuuufff, relief !! and we landed safely like always. good job captain !! clap clap *

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sweetie, u are so funny !

sweetie, you are funny and practical, this is why u are still my fav !! and im your best ! ** wink

thank you for restoring my positive mood after u told me some ridiculas stories of yours. muahaha ! its nice, really nice ! thanks for sharing buddy ! i love your stories, always some thing new. which i cant tell wat exactly wat's going on in my blog ! sorry for the regulars.

u are my stars in my eyes dude, its all about fun stuffs, laughing and lovely crap talk.
u are smart and cute looking [ahem !], frank and truthful, kind and generous to me.

well, dont you think this good character makes alot gals throwing themselves to you?? to be exact, hot chick ! hell, that's every guy's dream. guess some of my guy friends will salute you and admire u like mad !! but u chose not to hang out with any of them, because you tooooooo affraid i guess. and its true wat u told me, absolutely agreed with you!! they're looking into some thing else instead...

besides this, thanks for the time dude. after that fight, i noticed you spelled T-I-M-E for me as a friend. i do appreciate that because you're seriously busy. busy busy bee, which i dont like it alot before. any way, it showed you really care this time, which is good.

so, let's hang out soon, i see you in May 2010 !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

time's running out....tick tick tick

since a little depression case and some sort of cultural shock going on lately..

but i rebounced back again. feeling all good now, may be bit sakit hati. it's life !!

well, wat a waste of time thinking wat happened and wat went wrong? nahhh... i dont have time for that, tak kan every time is my problem duhhh !! after some statistic calculation, analysed, and conculsion ----> im no longer matching the chinese malaysian evolving perception.

some thing i noticed lately...

1. they talked alot, but they dont do it nor apply.
2. they act cool, but they dont think cool enough,
3. they are stingy unless they want some thing in return, of course there's some generous kid. that's why i still like them! hehhe.
4. they're dating the very normal, plain and flat gal to carry their gene.
5. they want a hot sexy plus smart gf, but never consider them as candidate for wife. because they think its too expensive, difficult to handle/ manipulate.
6. they complain about their normal, plain and flat wife after marriage, because its too bored to hang out. and wish to have a out going, cool and steady FB.

so, wat u male species want exactly??

as for me, sigh ! another failure attempt!!! well, i know life is unfair.

any way, i have to say thanks to this gentlement which didnt waste each other time much, although its our first date. heheh. it's consider well mannered instead of years baru bye bye though. seriously, i do appreciate that! so keep in touch dude.

time is running out here, because life is tooooooooooo short !!
no time to feel bad about it !

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yeah i still care....but it was before !!

was chatting with my sweet heart gal. update her bit my recent routine.. hehhe.

come on, we gals will talk about it once a while, instead of seeking doctor sakit jiwa [psychiathrist], i think friends can help me out bit. which is FREE of charge.

after pouring out.... sweet heart told me not to be upset about it, because it happens all the time among friends. things comes around goes around, karma... etc.

well, i did not get depressed that much after a great story cum motivation talk. and i think i should start reading my books again... those books on the racks and some new books i bought lately.

alright, again Win, tell yourself this: only those who knows how to spell


thanks gal ! i see u soon in Malaysia *hugss

visiting brother fee @ Malacca

rushed to malacca for the food again?? hahha, no.. this time for food, souvenior plus fee's future commitment. which is a good start for him, congratulations!!

when the task completed, we went to jonker fav area!! we walked and talked and of course we ate some of the nice food here, plus drinking!! wohoo, i like to kill time this way.
pix of jonker....

some where we parked the car.

chicken rice ball... yum yum

cendol... lagi yummy ! with thick and sweet gula malacca.and some curry chicken on noodles..strong santan smell !and have a beer at the beach side.. NICE !

wat a wonderful day with beers... hope to do it again soon !

day out with V

busy busy weeks......till today still kindda occupied ! although its tiring, i rather have a busy week than a death bored weekend. guys u should know why since u, u and u are regulars here.. heheh! *wink
V came to malaysia for couple of days, so i tried my best to bring her to nice places. thought she doesnt like PJ, the curve that much, which i dont know why. she still prefer the day we hang out at Luna and of course KL area, pavillion and jalan alor for the food.
well, frankly speaking, when strangers talked to us, its all because of her.. no matter we are in the lounge, at the cafe... guy! this is discrimination.. kekkekek!! well, thanks to her, i get to know a group of friends from the state, DC. they came here to attend their friends wedding in malacca and then fly off to phuket, singapore and tokyo! wat a wonderful trip! heheh. NICE
here's the pix...
the chinese deco behind... i like !
nice cocktail....

yeah, i know, its kindda quiet that night.... but its a cool place to hang out.
some street food after the cocktail session. just me and her enjoying the food.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

3 months already..

i've been home for 3 months.... which is cool, this is what i wanted most for the past 3 years. tetapi..... well, i don't know why i have this question mark now. why i have this tetapi ahh.... hehheh.

let me recall back what have done so far.....

stayed home most of the time,
cooked at home instead,
went out with uni friends on any possible occasions,
hang out with colleagues once in a while,
of course checked out the clubs, lounges together. wohoo !!
went movie with mom and cousins some times,
went dinner at cousin's,
went out for a drink in neighbourhood,
went out with some new friends,
went to singapore to visit eugenia, johannes and of course bao bao cat..

well, i did try out alot nice food since i love food all these while. hehe

and.. how come still got tetapi huh??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

......nothing to say again

life is such........ i dun have a good one to describe it.

i had fun... alot of fun this couple of months. of course alot of shyte moment tooo.

i want to write this down to remind myself when i read this later.

just be nice to yourself Win, no one will do u any fav or good except some one close to u. how many times of heart sick threshold in your phase of life?? dont waste time doing silly stuffs which no one gonna appreciate u. to be exact, NEVER!

kill the expectation and kill the hope now, i meant immediately !!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

wine and food @ weekend

went over to cousins after my first jogging attemp... heheh. shocking huh?? its pretty cool. i will post it soon about the area i went to jog, basically on the swing for 20 mins. kekek

well, once im there at cousin's, the big wine glass was filled with alcoholic grape juice. nice!! and this wine is totally awesome!! i LOVE it!

and crap talk as usual while appreciating wine. and some nice supper as routine. deep fried pork knuckles again! wohoooo, so crispy!

didnt take the group pix, just able to catch these 2 cousins, the rest were so busy with face book games, gilar addicted!! ok cousins, i will start the facebook game now onwards, so u will be way behind my level. heheh.. muahahahha!

kwan in KUL

one of my fav senior crew was here the other day.. wohoo!

didnt get to bring her to every where. hmm.. at least we hang out at the lounge, some nice coffee shop and snacks..

hope to see u again dear, glad that u are here.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

visiting old time buddy @ SG

went singapore for couple of days... just to visit long time uni mate eugenia and johannes together with the cats tooo. bao bao fatty! *kiss

took a flight and this lady on the flight she ady get into my nerves..... seriously i wan to give her some back fire, but..... chill win, she's just an idiot!

i was in the cabin while boarding. since its pack and everyone was busy to fix their luggage in between. so i waited pateintly and stood at where i was at the aisle. this lady, hmm.... lady is too much for her, should be babarian more exact! well, she moved from her seat with her ugly male partner to let the window pax to get in. and she's so ego and some thing like she's very class and air asia and others jatuh her standard. *memang wanna slap her hard!

ahemmm. since im there infront of her, i waited and looked and waited before i move forward. this babarian she's sooooo low EQ. i guess she wanna lemme know she's talking about me, she's so sarcastic and she said in canto : hang la, diuu, mong met lan. [a.k.a move bitch, wat u looking at??]..... seriously i was shocked by her, heheh. i looked at her and i looked at her male partner....fine i keep quiet! im so wanna say this to her male partner this " i think your gf very sick here (pointing at her brain). sighh.. in order wan to have a stress- free flight, i think i can swallow this. gurpp...hahahhaha, she's so not cool, putting stress on others too, i bet her life is suxx and thank god mine is colourful!!! wooohoo, i love my life!
finally, im in singapore, met jo and eu at the MRT station then headed back to their places at woodlands. which i can say, bit far but its ok, i just wan to hang out instead of shopping and touring. well, basically singapore is a farking boring place instead of malaysia. one PJ area already can beat!! and the food toooooo. love u alot malaysia, although u suxxx! LOLmy fav cat, bao bao!
jo new breed baby fish... so cute!
and chilling while crap...

day 2, planned to go out early and hang out at the heart of the city. wahahah, but turned out, we stayed home till evening. we go straight to steam boat for 2 hours and then back home. we had chicken soup and 'ma la' for me. that's cool, SGD 20 all u can eat! although that's the only activity we had for the day.. but its ok, i like that, relax and chill than rushing and running! stress aku!!
look at this, jo ate all these crab! the crab will go extinct because of him! hehe
day 3, we went to zoo. why zoo huh? wan to go there because we went there in 2003. and its good memories, so we went and hang out a bit instead of the shopping mall which i dont really wan to go for this trip. we walked and its farking tired! ahhahah, seriously our stamina not like before, im feeling old cos we dont exercise that much now days. wat a shame mann, those elderly can even walk faster than us now!! hahah

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 celebrations

where to celebrate althought i dun have days off?

ok, lemme sacrified my rest, i can do it after the party and rest for 4 hours for the flight. alright, i had decided and now i should call friends to go out with me. muahahah !!

thanks for mr fong, the new year organiser. the plan was great ! but it wasn't that cool when we reached the venue. @#$%^@#$, u guys, dont force me to be mean on the 1st day of 2010 alright??? it's a little annoyed thought. but to be a cool chic, i remind silence and i just go with the flow, dun wan to spoil my mood for this silly stuffs.

u guys will agree with me when u read a bit futher...just stay with me.

supposed to go japanese cuisine at still water @ hotel maya. but.... need to wait. and some of them doesnt want to have good fine dinning...sigh** i thought we were agreed to have it good, and go luxury?? why changed suddenly?? ok, ok, fine.

butttttttttttt we ended at....

with this dinner, its a total 90% cheaper than the original planned jap cuisine * thanks for telling this, so my mood is much better!! hahaha

with my over dressing code, which really silly and ackward. never mind, i can take it. cos i dont have other choice !! u think im in a good mood too when i realised im gonna have my dinner this place?? ** adjusting my mood. be cheerful win, smile smile.
then, we went to pub. guess what? every one just went off when the bill came. WTF!! and i'm the one paid for 8?? very nice !! i have nothing to say. because im not the only one doing this, im seriously pitty you*

when at the club counter, gosh!! it happened again!! fine, i just want to go inside the club and fuck every thing now! hahahha.
any way, i had some fun, and met some old school friends at the club.

happy new year everyone!