Sunday, December 05, 2010

APU's belated birthday party

aahh.. first time celebrate apu's birthday back in MYS after a year.. well, i dont really always there for the gals on their birthdays.. hmm, because i duno why.. LOL.

here goes.. hang out at Pavi for chardonnay sinn, then makan makan.. while waiting for apu. as usual, never on time. so let's eat, im freaking hungry !

FREE drinks from the restaurant ! pretty gals only ! nahh, yin the manager is our friends. hehe, where the hell FREE in the world. not in my dictionary !
since this is a colleagues' day out... most of the base crew colleagues attended, because miss olive said wanna party like a rock star ! hehhe..* winkdoes any of the gal look like rock star to u?? hahaha .. bet only miss olive and apu they both drunk at the very end of the party... farking hilarious ! thank you gals, i had fun seeing u gals wasted !

i heart this picture because ikhlas the gay is pretty entertaining that night !!

thanks and i'm really old for parties i guess. my body aching, legs sore, back pain and... im the freaking oldest in the group !! but~~ who cares !!! i love my life now ! *wink


  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Do some exercise frequently, it helps our body produces happy hormone..

    30min +, aerobic dance, jogging, cycling in a day is all it takes..


  2. 好久没见, 你还好吗?

  3. thank you woody.

    chris: im good, just a little bit busy with life here back home. keep me occupied which is cool...hihi. hope u doing alright as well. cheers

  4. Real fun and education to read your blog.