Sunday, November 07, 2010

5th stop : ROMA

well, well, well...... done with Venice and heading to Roma.

and guess what?? train tickets sold out, not until the 6pm train. which.... it's may be just 2, almost 3pm in the afternoon at venice. hmm.. ok. missy wu and me can chill at the square for the time being. which i prefer this way, my legs really sore from day 1 of my vacation !!

and finally, the train is about to take off... wohoo ! another 4 hours. and i was wondering who's gonna be our seats partner later..? well, let's see !!get on the train and.... the fare to Rome was shocking...but, well, that's the only option we had. what so ever.... just a little 'wowww' for the tickets.and this is what we prepared for the journey... merlot !! and snacks of course. well, just wanna relax for this long journey. and....... , met a couple from UK. to be honest, the husband is HOT !! hahhaha.. so sincere plus his smile is so breath taking !! yeah,yeah, i know u guys gonna judge me again. but i dont give a damn dude !! i like him..LOL !! they get off at florence and we had a few laughs, which is cool. nice meeting u guys !! or may be just the husband..LOL.

Day 1:

tar dar.... at the Rome terminal. and then 10- 15 mins walking distance to the backpackers hotel we booked. hmm, why backpacker?? hmm, at first i just want to experience that and it says only those below 40 years old. and this 40 years old really a very strong just to prove myself im still under 40 ! LOLthis is a drawing i drew while checking at the reception. look how patrotic i am, a malaysia flag !! MALAYSIA BOLEH !! sial wey !

DAY 2: a very cool cafe latte..nicely done ! thank god for it. had enough with the lousy ones..

pic that we took together... lovely ! i like..

pasta with mushroom, missy wu love it ! ~~the wishing fountain ~~ i had a simple but greedy wish !! wish come true babe, i need only 5 years at least !! please ~~please ~~GELATO !! yum yum !some incredible land mark !!waiting out side the restaurant for this 'wierd dish' as follow. by the way, the shop owner is cool, we had this house wine and ham for FREE !! i like this magic word !and non stop walking after that... althought there's bit drizzling, but its all good. and missy wu must be fed up taking my pictures due to my fussy-ness. ahh, i dont care man ! i will not visit Rome that soon any way..must have some nice the above pictures ! and the following ~~ i will not interested how long i spent time for this...and Vantican just there, muahahha !! we walked the whole ROMA... know wonder i cant feel my legs that night !! dinner time !! looks good though, well, it's NOT !! so not !

Day 3:

Vantican !! Sunday mass, look at the queue !! look at the crowds inside Vantican. we woke up early at 8am LT just for this special event.ok, done with the pictures inside Vantican, and we saw the Pope too. mission accomplished ! Let's eat ! makan, makan ! hehehe~starter...what !! sword fish !!

GOOD BYE Roma !! i miss you Gelato !!

6th stop : Nice @ France


  1. LOL..since when u bcame 'patriotic' ?

  2. Anonymous12:40 am

    How many handbag and shoes you bought in Italy?