Saturday, November 06, 2010

4th stop : venice

here i come Venice!!! this is the place i always heard my friends talk about.. i must go, no matter what shit happen !! LOL
well, before get on the train, i went to collect the baggages and miss wu go for tickets. and guess what... i was so worried i lost touch with missy wu, farking hell, scared the hell out of me. really dun wan to go thru that !! i was worried and stressed out ! and finally missy wu appeared....phewww !!!
get on the train finally !! so excited !! [and not so much]
due to the stupid ticket system, she has to go back to the ground floor to get it... and we didnt get it verify !! can u imagine that,, almost get fined because of this. but any way, we both same and sound.
ta dar.......... venice !! but its kindda late, get the chance to go for dinner and that's all, no night life ! its a relax and quiet place indeed.nice seafood pasta !!!
and of course, mussels is my fav !
and coffee in the morning...then we spent whole day wander around venice for pictures..... so dead ! but it was worth it for the nice for this freaking pictures.... i have been waiting so long for the boat to pass by. and so i can take a good shot with the lover's lock..LOL, god damn it !!
next stop : ROMA