Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2nd stop : IBIZA @ spain

went to IBIZA..... finally !! but then hor................ the party season habis, and cant stay near the beach due to crazy wind and such. other that this... every thing is just fine.. hahha, i had fun, enjoy the cold weather. well, athough im in my tube dress. but its ok, still can manage. just love the chilling weather !! wohoo.

the sky is blue and clear... love it so much. relax and quiet due to off season... left the old folks hanging out with 2 chinese asian chicks...lucky them !! LOL

can be relax wearing casual, dun have to bother any one on the streets, take pix when ever i want and of course... with the sandles.. hihi. it got worn off in Nice.... sorry for it. but its ok, i have another pair of sandle to back up.. muhahah.

im excited when im at the airport...

then go straight to restaurant for food... the waiter is cute by the way.. but the so call spanish food suxx... ok, may be only this restaurant.

the beach next infront of the hotel is in a mess. was heavy rain yesterday...

the next day wander around the old city..... cool !! and exhausted, spend money on coffee and food without thinking twice on the first day... which is a bad example.

checking out the street's name on the map

damn it.. how i wish the party season was still going.... it must be extra fun fun fun !!
but its ok.... can always come back for it..
next stop : MILANO


  1. love the last pic.... party songs??? ...

  2. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Which bf did you go with? ;)

  3. halo,最近好吗?看你飞来飞去……

  4. eEy: i duno wor.

    a: i went with my gal

    triton: im doing alright, thanks!