Tuesday, November 16, 2010

de wine's 303th post @ blogger

Woww !! i didnt know i can write that much crap a.k.a non sense out of me !! GOOD Job to myself since 2004. * wink

no worries guys... i will still keep on writing or may be crapping till Blogger kicks me out of here.

thank you guys for all the supports when im at my worst and good. appreciate that and god bless.... [and when the hell im so polite??? !! hehhe ]

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween party @ changkat bukit bintang 2010

its Halloween people !!!!!

never celebrate this before.. hmm, i meant never participated. except the house masqurate party in 2007 ! it was crazy.. * wink

any way, it was a plan with the gals to trash the club.. woot woot !! so happened that the mobile car company had some sort of concert. and look at the crowds, seems like having a street party... weee~~ and i was at werner's checking out the crowds from far..LOL. check this out..nurse with big boobss !
my fello a.k.a crazy chicks.. by the way, the gal is having quite a potential porn star look...LOL !!
i had fun gals.. thanks !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6th stop : Nice @ France

when talk about this trip.... gosh !! farking hassel wey ! have to go thru alot of shyte wey due to this Jib** strike at france !!

the flight back to london got cancelled, and we have to think about another route to get back london instead... F@rk !!! missy wu been planing and headache about it... keep thinking and non stop thinking which is the best for us to get back to london, and i can catch flight back to Malaysia ON TIME !! farking hell, i wish i have more annual leaves !! $%*&@ $#&
done with rome and heading to Nice !! wooohoooo ! although haven sort out any thing at all !! hehehe

finally !! NICE !!!! view from the room... damn cool ! i like ....^^ good morning sunshine !!! and not so good for us because have to waste farking travelling time to easyjet couter at the airport to sort things out... 2 days in a row wey !! ok ok..... chill trip chill trip...~~ applying EQ EQ high EQ.

went to the airport.. things kindda sort out. i was acting pity and empty [which is true] to the ground staff.. hell yeah ! i didnt expect flight cancellation due to their stupid strike, unless is due to weather!! other than that, fuck not gonna accept any shit explanation !! any way, she consider helpful bacause she pity us...i guess. LOL !! ok, can spend one more day in Nice and get on the flight a day after.. COOL !

and jom !! let's go meet Mr. Paul for coffee and snacks ! * wink
done with PAUL.. let's go carrefour. visiting the supermart is a must survival skill for my wallet every where i go. unless, i dont have other option. bought lots of food and drinks from there, it cost us 72 euro for lunch !! missy wu love those yogurt so much, i would say that she is in love with them all. heheh, trust me, i smile or laugh every time when i see her with her yogurt ^^

here's the great, awesome view along the stoney beach. not sand, small smooth stone ! spent some time taking pictures and checking out the gals and boys... so not !! nothing except birds and stone ..LOL

i love this picture !!

here goes the 72 euro !
relax for awhile then we went to the town... as usual. wander around and check things out. and we are damn good in wandering around. and im a little lousy at stamina, farking tired and almost kick start the anxiety..LOL !! appology to missy wu about that, didnt mean to stress u up.
on the way to Eze village. a very old area i supposed and perfume stuffs. it was bit late when we got there, and thank god on one thing. the bus driver is super cool, so caring !! both of us seems VVIP passengers to him. he was helpful, and seriously, i had some laughs and i appreciate that. thank you mr driver ! god bless ~~

at Eze village
night view at the bay..hotel was so far away !! we walked and walked and then,, let's go dinner before i can make it there..*wink
great dinner !! i enjoyed it and missy wu just happened to introduce me a new tool for mussels ! farking funny ok.. and thanks, i will remember it for ever !
french people damn nothing to do wey, strike ON ! public transport JAMMED !!
it screwed the monte carlo plan big time ! it took us 6 hours at the station instead of the usual 40 mins journey to Monte Carlo the F1 GP place i never thought of im gonna be there. well, its a good experience though.
the entire vacation was good. thanks to missy wu to make that happened !! see u soon, xoxo

Sunday, November 07, 2010

5th stop : ROMA

well, well, well...... done with Venice and heading to Roma.

and guess what?? train tickets sold out, not until the 6pm train. which.... it's may be just 2, almost 3pm in the afternoon at venice. hmm.. ok. missy wu and me can chill at the square for the time being. which i prefer this way, my legs really sore from day 1 of my vacation !!

and finally, the train is about to take off... wohoo ! another 4 hours. and i was wondering who's gonna be our seats partner later..? well, let's see !!get on the train and.... the fare to Rome was shocking...but, well, that's the only option we had. what so ever.... just a little 'wowww' for the tickets.and this is what we prepared for the journey... merlot !! and snacks of course. well, just wanna relax for this long journey. and....... , met a couple from UK. to be honest, the husband is HOT !! hahhaha.. so sincere plus his smile is so breath taking !! yeah,yeah, i know u guys gonna judge me again. but i dont give a damn dude !! i like him..LOL !! they get off at florence and we had a few laughs, which is cool. nice meeting u guys !! or may be just the husband..LOL.

Day 1:

tar dar.... at the Rome terminal. and then 10- 15 mins walking distance to the backpackers hotel we booked. hmm, why backpacker?? hmm, at first i just want to experience that and it says only those below 40 years old. and this 40 years old really a very strong attraction...lol. just to prove myself im still under 40 ! LOLthis is a drawing i drew while checking at the reception. look how patrotic i am, a malaysia flag !! MALAYSIA BOLEH !! sial wey !

DAY 2: a very cool cafe latte..nicely done ! thank god for it. had enough with the lousy ones..

pic that we took together... lovely ! i like..

pasta with mushroom, missy wu love it ! ~~the wishing fountain ~~ i had a simple but greedy wish !! wish come true babe, i need only 5 years at least !! please ~~please ~~GELATO !! yum yum !some incredible land mark !!waiting out side the restaurant for this 'wierd dish' as follow. by the way, the shop owner is cool, we had this house wine and ham for FREE !! i like this magic word !and non stop walking after that... althought there's bit drizzling, but its all good. and missy wu must be fed up taking my pictures due to my fussy-ness. ahh, i dont care man ! i will not visit Rome that soon any way..must have some nice pictures.love the above pictures ! and the following ~~ i will not interested how long i spent time for this...and Vantican just there, muahahha !! we walked the whole ROMA... know wonder i cant feel my legs that night !! dinner time !! looks good though, well, it's NOT !! so not !

Day 3:

Vantican !! Sunday mass, look at the queue !! look at the crowds inside Vantican. we woke up early at 8am LT just for this special event.ok, done with the pictures inside Vantican, and we saw the Pope too. mission accomplished ! Let's eat ! makan, makan ! hehehe~starter...what !! sword fish !!

GOOD BYE Roma !! i miss you Gelato !!

6th stop : Nice @ France

Saturday, November 06, 2010

4th stop : venice

here i come Venice!!! this is the place i always heard my friends talk about.. i must go, no matter what shit happen !! LOL
well, before get on the train, i went to collect the baggages and miss wu go for tickets. and guess what... i was so worried i lost touch with missy wu, farking hell, scared the hell out of me. really dun wan to go thru that !! i was worried and stressed out ! and finally missy wu appeared....phewww !!!
get on the train finally !! so excited !! [and not so much later...lol]
due to the stupid ticket system, she has to go back to the ground floor to get it... and we didnt get it verify !! can u imagine that,, almost get fined because of this. but any way, we both same and sound.
ta dar.......... venice !! but its kindda late, get the chance to go for dinner and that's all, no night life ! its a relax and quiet place indeed.nice seafood pasta !!!
and of course, mussels is my fav !
and coffee in the morning...then we spent whole day wander around venice for pictures..... so dead ! but it was worth it for the nice shots.as for this freaking pictures.... i have been waiting so long for the boat to pass by. and so i can take a good shot with the lover's lock..LOL, god damn it !!
next stop : ROMA