Sunday, September 19, 2010

some fun during Eid weekend

well well well, ramadan is over ! actually nothing to do with me. ^^
went to the city for some weekend fun day out, as in going to Zouk again with the Uni mates, stay in door for some drinks and craps session and Japanese lunch buffet at Raku Zen. not that bad huh, yeah, at least some thing than staying in the room since its Eid weekend.
hmmm. where was i last year? ! in kuwait ! WTF !!! LOL.
any way, im in Malaysia this year, now is the moment i love and appreciate !

hakka rei char at the curve , yum yum !

at Damansara, DJ Fong on the play..

Rawang steam fish at Kota [serious not nice wey, wonder why ppl rushing for it, im so not gonna visit this restaurant ever personaly. so many nice food out there !]

at Zouk partying.. where were the rest?
yeah, Uni mates damn smart, stand and watched others to approach me with their lousy pick up lines. well, im still keen enough didnt crack these player with my mean demeanour ^^

at Raku Zen...
Eid makan at Bandar Putra

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