Wednesday, September 22, 2010

good chat with the gals... !!

hell ya ! i missed u gals very often, im serious, dont freaking think that im joking. when i say yes, it means yes, i do ! hahha..

how nice if we all stay in the same country, and catch up with each other once in awhile for coffee. ^^ well, at least this is what i thought of.

yeah, kidda stress out because sleeping pattern jammed !
and emotionally.... still tuning ~ no worries, im good at it. when im not doing ok, i will buzz u ! come save me !!

as mentioned, and being honest too. * wink
i knew what's going on with me. im just too bored all these years..LOL

hope to see u gals often in MSN, and it was fun chat although its very short. i felt like im back to the old days but with more non sense topics.

LOVE u baby belle ! and see u both very soon Eu. * hugss

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