Monday, September 20, 2010

chinese mid autumn at City Park @ Seremban

its mid autumn again, moon cake, lantern and candles is some thing we used to have in my younger days. what i see now is.... um, still the same, but the flavours of moon cake getting its vast varieties, which means, extra costly ! thank god im not a fan of moon cake, else im screwed !
starbucks moon cake... cool ! but i prefer the traditional taste still.
yeah ! you are right. im a damn old fashion old lady... heheh ^^

and the traditional lantern turned into electronic lantern with annoying music played non stop. Hello !! this is supposed to be quiet and ppl enjoying the view and moment ! damn it, shut it off !! well, this is just all my inner madness, im glad i didnt let it out loud and scream at the kids parents. LOL !! but, seriously, WTF is wrong with this parents now days, giving the wrong ideas to their children. i bet 70% of the kids now doesnt know why its called mid autumn festival. they know best now is going to the mall during school days off, talk like an adult, dress like an adults too. Hmmm, GOOD FOR YOU. im serious ! and the rest of the remaining kids, be good, be safe and be healthy then contribute back to the community. wishing u all the best here.
some stage event was going on too. and im not so interested, i wonder why it turned into bit political speach. hmm.. give me a break man !! enough is enough !

wander some area at the park with Linda Lee though, its nice mom, thank you for asking me out.

here's some pix i took at the park in the neighbourhood.
at the lake side,
ok, this is still the traditional lantern, but instead of oil lamp at the inner part, they changed it to light bulb. to avoid accident. ok, what ever, serious.
the stage performer and kids playing candles,

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