Thursday, August 19, 2010

sunday show with the mates

after yesterday freaking exhausted party session, i got to wake up in another 5 hours to meet up MR. the great to do him a favour which he already pre-booked me 2 months ago for his graduation show.

so, i was on my way to MR......with all the hassel and getting lost of directions...well, it's all good. at least i reached the venue, finally !!

every thing was in a rush, messy and run out of time !! bad time management MR. !
took some pix during the mess session... these gals are mean, i like them already !

although with this crazy mess, u still made it MR. and i'm amazed although u didnt get to finished every thing and it still look normal. muahahah !!
congratulations on your OUTSTANDING course work babe ! proud of u !

and THANKssss for making me look gorgeous babe !!! love it !


  1. wow! u look very beautiful wo..

  2. thank you Chris, shy leee.. hihi :P

  3. Anonymous11:59 am

    you are truly gorgeous winnie


  4. hey woody, how're u?? has been awhile though.

    and thanks for the compliment, :)

  5. i juz said the truth only. ^^
    Btw, u hv faceboook?

  6. yeah i have, add me Chris ! hihi
    search khoowinnee@ mail panas !!

  7. Hey Winnee, added u oredi lor. ;)

  8. hehe.. me too! mail panas is not tricky at all ! LOL