Monday, August 23, 2010

some what quality mind restoring moments...

i'm so emotional by having this cup of coffee right now. damn ! i miss some of u out there !

my mood getting crazy after the weekend. and why is that happening? some of u know me damn well, may sense what's wrong lately... well, i may say : It's the weather again ! *wink

been reading and watching some sort of mind restoring stuffs. and of course went out all these while, thanks for the sweet hearts for their time. umm... sweet hearts, nah, not so much actually. ^^

books: been saying the same thing over and over again. and its really truth, the ugly truth indeed.

sitcom: keep the fishes on the hook is the classic relationship game. womenizer.... well, as long as the players hot, or damn good player with not so hot looking. this is so interesting wey !!

outing: umm..... same old story. nothing much to mention though. but i had fun, thanks. and no thanks for next up coming event any more with certain people yooo !

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  1. Oh? R u ok there? Wat trouble u?