Thursday, August 12, 2010

refresher 2010

well, went back Kuwait to renew the flying license. i must say, its pretty well going ! huray... huray... i see u Kuwait next year i reckon.

a week of total 100% myself and the silence back in Kuwait. seriously, i miss that part of my life just a bit. its just mind free, i do what ever i want to, i dont have to please any one any time. i do wat ever i want, when ever i want to. well, alot shit things back then. but, most important is i dont live i Kuwait any more. but i dont mind to go back for refresher course once a year, i meant seriously, ONCE a year is more than enough.

met some of my main base colleagues. we went out for food, non sense talk for couple of hours and................. shopping ! every thing is on ON SALE !

sakura @ crown

pink berry @ avenues

UNO @ avenues

hard rock @ marina bay
time passed just like that in a week, theory, practical, aviation safety, residence, crew management certificate, civil ID.. etc. CHECKED !

let's go home !

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