Thursday, August 12, 2010

awesome night !

wow..... since been sustained and had nothing much to do back in Kuwait last week. the gals planned to go out to trash the club ! I'M ALL IN !!

but it turns out crap, gals wanna postponed the plan.. im fine with that. because i'm going to the clun with my Monash hearty piesss any way ! as usual, the 3 crazy kids ! we decided to invite more friends instead. i called others 'Monash party alumni' to join in, and miss E called our home town gal with her cool friends. and of course, we met some others regulars at the clubs, omar the guy met at bali, liyee with the friends at work, nicole my colleague and some new found friends.. awesome ! i felt im back to party at london ! im not kidding..cos i applied i dont give a damn mood that night ! *evil laugh
the ozz team player.. i like the spec dude !
Monash party alumni + medical rep
the members....
jeremy the dancing queen
and thanks ....! hehe

alot of laughs, hugging and piggy rides going on..... non stop drinking too, but not me. i'm not even tipsy, just bit tired due to dancing and talking. by the way, damn the fat gal on heels stepped on my toes, OUCH ! even my heels got blood on it ! crazy heels !
party's over and let's go home to get some sleep ! love the night and thanks every each of u to restore my mood !

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