Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd week of AUG_phuturing again !

once again.... party with the gals. and too bad DJ fong not available last week, he went party in another country instead.. hehe

was a little late for the party, due to some lousy lame excuses. well, she is so black listed fron now on. finally get inside the club and the crowd... was ok. frankly, i noticed there's a age category difference now. i'm damn old for the guys when they try to fish me, and they're too young for me to say OK ! muhahhaha * F@ck !! there's only one thing they said that make me happy... i look younger than my real age. Thanks !! * wink

here's the gals..
my ex- pharma kaki..
the strangers...with my friends
any way, did had fun with the group. and i'm glad to erase some of the annoying memory from the past [my dress memory]. thank you everyone ! i'm happier now and i've moved on bit.... gonna be more good news soon ! just wait for it everyone !

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