Monday, June 14, 2010

chinese mid festival 2010

its the mid chinese festi season again... !! wau ! means more food inside the stomach !
look at this..... the whitey burner is already 30 years old ! my mom used it to boil water when im still a new born baby !! now they use it for soup and etc. heheh, good job whitey !
and the chinese traditional wooden shoes... anti-slip !

and the kids now days...... cyber cafe or wat? ! and my elder cousins with their games !

and finally..... ta dar !! the chinese dumpling is ready to serve !!

then we went for dinner... a.k.a father's day dinner ! hahah, i love this deep fried pork knuckles !


  1. 好久没听见你消息了……


  2. Wa... it's been a long long time i didn;t c this kind of burner oredi. Remind me of my childhood..