Tuesday, June 29, 2010

another week with quality moment

yipee !! nice and relax moment overall.... i dislike hectic schedule though.
met some good people while i travelled, which is good for me. just make things simple all the way. thank you strangers !!
the alcoholic bull dog ! heheh
and thank you everyone back in malaysia as well as bell gal from great britian [*wink] !! hehehe, gosh! missing u aroud bell, thanks for phoning in and it was great !

here's some food .. and drinks !
most and never forget ! thank you sweetie !! every thing was great, thanks for the night out, chats and quality moment ! i love it and i do appreciated every thing although its complicated some how.. i duno ! haha * wink
very nice olive !wonderful night ! im totally drunk !big breakfast... means very big portion of breakfast ! and very nice latte....
it was good to see you dear, im gonna miss u again ! xoxo


  1. nice flat white where did u get that coffee?

  2. from dubai wor.... but i think old town coffee taste better ! haha