Tuesday, June 29, 2010

another week with quality moment

yipee !! nice and relax moment overall.... i dislike hectic schedule though.
met some good people while i travelled, which is good for me. just make things simple all the way. thank you strangers !!
the alcoholic bull dog ! heheh
and thank you everyone back in malaysia as well as bell gal from great britian [*wink] !! hehehe, gosh! missing u aroud bell, thanks for phoning in and it was great !

here's some food .. and drinks !
most and never forget ! thank you sweetie !! every thing was great, thanks for the night out, chats and quality moment ! i love it and i do appreciated every thing although its complicated some how.. i duno ! haha * wink
very nice olive !wonderful night ! im totally drunk !big breakfast... means very big portion of breakfast ! and very nice latte....
it was good to see you dear, im gonna miss u again ! xoxo

world cup 2010

world cup ... sounds good !! weeeeeeeeeeee !!! more fun time with the old school boys !!

been going out for the match ! wat exactly i meant was .... for a drink ! and more craps !!

busy wit d i-phone game !

Monday, June 14, 2010

chinese mid festival 2010

its the mid chinese festi season again... !! wau ! means more food inside the stomach !
look at this..... the whitey burner is already 30 years old ! my mom used it to boil water when im still a new born baby !! now they use it for soup and etc. heheh, good job whitey !
and the chinese traditional wooden shoes... anti-slip !

and the kids now days...... cyber cafe or wat? ! and my elder cousins with their games !

and finally..... ta dar !! the chinese dumpling is ready to serve !!

then we went for dinner... a.k.a father's day dinner ! hahah, i love this deep fried pork knuckles !

rose on Ee birthday

another nite for wine !! are we getting old or wat?? alcoholic... hehehe

thanks for the wine..and happy birthday miss Ee

char kew tiew sdn. bhd.

hahaha... so nothing to do at home sampai nak main masak masak !!

here goes my version of char kew tiew. damn oily ! else gonna be sticky !! enjoy the pix.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

can't be bothered or wat ?? !

hmm..... when my mind is clear and rational. i started to think all over again about wat just happened for the past few weeks.... or just a year before.

seems like im the only one being soooooo free to keep in touch first. take the first move to pick up my mobile, start sending sms to friends i love, or like. emails friends or who ever !! well, actually i think this is not about im had alot FREE TIME to do it. i do it ever since.... long ago. not just the couple of years i work in a boring country. if u think that way.... u are farking wrong !

im just appreciating friends, around the world. this is why i do it all the time. its not about when i free then i call or text. excuse me, im very very busy as well ok. im so busy with my errant, im so busy with my books, im so busy with my online games, and im so busy with not doing any thing to rest my mind and body. why should i waste my time doing all these??? " win, you are a crew, and u are free to do all these." Hell yeah !! is that so??? this is because i appreciate our friendship, this is because i care !

okay, fine, very well. i wont bother much too. i will still care for those appreciated me like how i appreciate them. atleast i have some love back from them, i will just call these group of friends. the rest........ i have to let u go slowly. i know this is sad, but, i think i should love myself more than keep hurting my own feelings.

i would say: im sorry, i cant be bothered too, just exactly wat u did to me !

please go away and get lost immediately !!