Tuesday, May 11, 2010

panic attack in dubai 2010

burj khalifa, the tallest building !
view from burj khalifa

hmm...... why i still got it on vacation, although i know wat's going on.

good question !! and i have a simple answer for it.

this is because i didnt fool around for long cos im tooo concentarte on it. get a little committed and didnt expect the real look of the... reality. hmm, well, its pretty ugly, i know ! i almost forgot wat i have told myself 4 years ago. kekek. yeah, im getting old ! and bit suffer from short term memory lost recently ! ^^

well, im pretty well adjusted actually. but... since have to deal with sweety. i have no choice since i cant prick all the bubbles !! that's why i got a little panic when its so, so quiet. so nothing to say, and with the look of distraction all the time. sms, calls... excuse me! since we already talked things out abit, but not all [cause i dont want to prick the bubbles]. shouldnt the moment we spend together should be just plain fun, enjoy it and chat and joke normal???? fuhhh, sighh.. i guess sweety didnt know i can take such high stress level and still can make fun of it. just like wat i did with Obelia via sms/msn.

hehe, thanks babe. i miss u gals and cant wait to see u gals in real. being truthful, bitchy and being understanding help to create a very strong friendship bonding.
emm...... to be honest, im just wanna be good to myself. since i decided to see u, so i say fuck every thing, i just wan to have fun. but, it doesnt mean i can get the 100% fun out of this. sighh !! may be its my mistake to make this visit , should i say: im sorry? yeah, i should. and thanks for every thing, and the short trip. the gals say thanks too, very nice area to hang out ! *wink

after all, things sorted out 70%... and the rest. i dun give a fuck, as long as i ady told u wat's in my mind ! im not supposed to tell u wat u should and wat shouldnt do. try it, and fell it and experience that. we are adults, aint no kids playing sand. hmm, but serious im glad u are understanding and didnt get furious. talk soon sweety !

this is all because of u, malaysia. hahah, sorry i put the blame on u !! but it is true, im no longer fun in this department...being cosy and became a stay home kid makes me feel im such a boring person. wat the hell !! i need some fine adjustment.... tune it back a bit like before ! ! im supposed a gal with positive thinking, charisma and energetic ! and im still farking young !!! heheheh !!

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