Saturday, May 29, 2010

28 May 2010 @ wine party

wohooo !! long time didnt get to hang out for wine drinking session.... ahem, actually i meant didnt get to drink wine with some one after i back from vacation. well, miss Ee finally back from her vacation and brought wine !! NICE, i suka !

well, we know each other more than a decade, of course we scolded each other when we get furious and mad ! as well as help, care and support each other from time to time.. which is cool enough for me ! thanks for the understanding.. i appreciate that, thanks !

so, cut the crap short, we started with this...of course other than just drinking and drinks.... we do crap alot non sense. some thing that happened or happening to both of us, about work, life, and families matter. by the way, we dont really gossip much ! hmm.. ok, may be once awhile, but i cant recall when was the last gossip. do u miss Ee?? things that non of our biz, we dont really give a damn. * wink
look at the mess... this memang look like a chill station. hehe then we continue with white...we took a remember.

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  1. LOL .. OMG!! EE sans makeup = @.@

    4 btls of wine, 1 down , 3 more to go ... Rose` , next?