Friday, April 30, 2010

some reading....and some of my own

well.... i dont really like books. but i do like to read once awhile especially when im in the transports, when im waiting, when i want to improve my knowledge from time to time. basically, u may say its pretty bored than fashion mag... yeah, i think so. but reading books can kill more time instead, i would carry it for whole month in my bag than a fashion mag. any way, both are good !

reader's digest is the latest small and convi reading material i carry in my bag.. still ! cos i try not to miss any page. heheh

so far, this article catched my attention. "i'd rather be chained", the authur is a frequent flyer due to his job. this time he wrote about how he felt towards some one who's jealous and said 'it's better than being stuck at a desk'... well, the following is what im totally agreed with him. enjoy it !

'actually, no. in your office cubicle, u have 1.6 square metres to yourself. in my economy class seat, i have 50 square cm and half an armrest [which has to be fought for]. you have a computer on a desk; i balance a laptop on a rickety tray the size of my forearm. folks move freely in the office, if anyone near me makes the slightest movement, my coffee flies over my lap and laptop. you can take a break and walk around, in the cabin, the only door leads to instant death.

if u want fresh air, you open a window. the only thing i get to breathe is the recycled gaseous emissions of 160 strangers. at night, u get 2 pillows, a duvet and a full size bed. i get a cushion smaller than my head, a blanket so thin you can see thru it and a seat barely tilts. you get to sleep next to you spouse. i get to sleep with 160 producers of the gaseous emissions monetioned above. in the morning, you are gently woken by bird song. im woken in the middle of the night by flight attendants frying my retinas by switching all the cabin lights on. '

travel and work are different. my version is gonna be instead of 160 pax, i have more approximately 272 + 9 crew member when its full load on A340/ B777. i dont even have a meal tray, most of the time i rest the meal tray on my lap if i wan to eat, else i have to stand to finish my meal or drinks. i have to serve the pax and evaluate by the in flight manager on board through out the period when im still in uniform. pax will accused, blammed me on their own mistake, faced and deal with unruly pax from time to time. and the most fun part, on board manager may start picking on you cos they have doubt on your explainations. and u may get reported from time to time, and more explainations to carry on your day.. etc. you get dry skin due to flying, so you have to invest alot on skin care so u wont look too dry with wrinkles... and full make up worsen your skin, and some times leads to sensitive out break, pimples, black heads, acnes.

any way, i love my job though because it helps to pay off my study loan and some new toy.

futher more..... please dont say stupid things to me again if you know nothing about me alright? is that wrong when i know how to enjoy and indulge myself plus get myself a little bit of fun out of this lovely job?? i work hard and i deserved it ! please be understanding.

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