Thursday, April 15, 2010

the realistic malaysian in malaysia

hmmm.. nothing much besides troubles from ppl around me. which i really hate that !

i like to be peace of mind, no problems, no troubles, and please dun get me involved too. im just a normal human being, a little ant on the earth ! im no one !! so , please leave me alone unless u are sincere enough just to go out chill without motive. thank you and appreciate that !

human being are complicated, my experience was not a great great fuck up issue, but it still mess up my day a bit. no doubt your friends, your cousins, your relatives, your friends that u dont even see them once a year want to get some thing out of u due to this competitive world. ok, understanding, i know u want commision, u need to hit target. just tell me in advance, dont let things happened and im the last one to find out from mail services. dont u think this is a little bit heartless and unfair to some one u know?? i wonder why small money can turns them into such.... grr. i duno how to express it in words. oh ya !! small small money can become big money !! any way, i felt that their heart and soul has been smoked with money.

and, wat i noticed too. they dont commited to their work any more. no more job responsibilites. come on guys, improve it, improve a bit ! i didnt expect u do do others good for extra, i just need u guys to be a little job responsible, and do your work. dont give other troubles and frankly speaking, i dont think others will be that kind to complete your work as well.

im a little frustrated and disappointed seriously. i dont need u guys to be good to me, but please do a little respect and fair to others.


  1. sigh... this is human, selfish...
    It's happen to me too..
    I suppose mutual my AMS for Adelaide with another crew. But after he knows all the Europe bound flight had been cancelled, he called me juz now n said he wants his Adelaide back.. Sigh.. -.-

  2. hmm.. that very bad.

    if u are just a colleague instead, i bet he will not that daring to ask it back. else if he dare to, and u will not give it back though. cos this so call 'friend' status, u gave it back.

    sighh.... wat a wonderful world chris.