Thursday, April 22, 2010

my BD celebration @ MYS

last week was my birthday.... hheh, nothing much about it, cos didnt celebrate.

birthday eve and the following day i was on duty, mid night duty summore.

im alone with the uniforms and luggage at the airport.. hmmm, well, its not alone alone, there's a bunch of strangers with me at the airport to celebrate. woohoo !!

its pretty crazy though, i went to McD on the eve, and KFC the following day. my colleague and friends damn sarcastic and wishing me not to get pull for the flight... %^&*($#, thank you guys, this is for u all !! hahahhah.

brother fee came back and we went for early dinner before my duty though, thanks !!
sorry to monash frens i didnt get to attend the pre- BD celebration. just too lazy to step outside the house. summore miss crazy wonderful was telling me wanna have a post- BD celebration, so let's decide late sweet. make it before or after my trip to BKK.