Wednesday, April 28, 2010

miss belle wu and missy Teik Yo

booo ! guess wat ??

i was chatting with missy Teik whole night via MSN.. almost !
so so so funny and lots of OL !! baby, make sure u gonna have a good life ! u deserved it !

miss belle, baby gal... we miss u alot ! u are so funny when in games ! i still remember the clip ! * evil laugh...

those pix at the club, at the karaoke, at the street, at the restaurants, all reminds me about LONDON and u gals !

thank you missy Teik brought me to SOHO ! walked me to the bus stand for the mid night ride back to Heathrow. and all the funny stuffs !! never forget ! PLUS thanks for the wine ! the shorts ! and beers ! and all the jokes and games !

thak you belle gal for the meals and japanese sake ! i felt so warm cos i tasted Malaysia when i dont get to go home due to crazy duty pattern [ i meant the food !]

love u both alotsss !! * hugss

last, you J**** Ivan Teik, check your missed call !

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