Friday, April 30, 2010

another unruly pax

goshh ! i almost want to shout at the unruly pax onboard.

i wonder why such stupid idiot, bastard, sick psycho live their life as a priest. and how he get his license?? !! done he feel ashame to become a unruly pax??

every thing was ok, but the drama starts when the seat belt sign ON. hell knows wat's wrong with him !!

i passed by the cabin to check the pax while collecting the head sets before i can give my side for clearance to zone responsible. pax at 25C, very nice !! he kept his medium luggage in between the vacant seat next to the aisle. hmm.... its farking not allow ! for those read my blog, u guys should know this is so wrong, its all about safety issue. so, im politely asked, is this your luggage?? he said yes. ok, i continued, can u keep this bag up, its not allow to keep this here due to safety issue. he replied: OK !

ok, fine, i walked from the front to the back again to double check the pax whether they fasten the seat belt and no obstacles blocking any where, and then proceed by collecting the blankets. hmm.... the luggage still in between the vacant seat. i looked at him and said to this fella cos he may not understand me just now. excuse me sir, can u please keep the bag inside the over head instead??? guess wat, he started to shout at me, WHY ??!!

because its not allow, due to safety measurements.
WHY !! with his finger pointing at me and yelled to me again and again WHY WHY WHY !
im not fighting with u, i just want u to keep it inside the overhead bin.
[WTF!! but i still clamed and talk nicely] i can assit u.
NO, U KEEP IT ! finger still pointing at me and said SHIT ! to me..... yeah, very well manner, i know.

i looked at my zone responsible, i told her this pax doesnt want to cooperate. she's trying to tell him the same thing, and he went crazy and shout to us, the whole cabin was looking at us.
hmm, actually out of the curteousy me and my colleague can help him to keep it up. but since is started it first with a really discomfort and rude way... ok ! let's report it. wohoo !

'excuse me sir, u dont have to be so rude though. im asking u in polite way and this is not wat i expected, respect yourself and others'

well, my colleague she went and told the cheif about it.... and im still at the cabin, switched to the front row. this uncle memang too much though, he still scold like no body business. sighh.... its really pissed me off. when i tied the plastic bag, i looked at him and said : Thanks !

after im done with the blankets.... where is the cheif?? ok ok, lemme go to the front myself.

cheif, this 25C pax is very rude, i guess if its possible, he will spit on me since he thinks im not supposed to ask him to lift the bag.

finally the cheif went to him, and another man came forward and said he is sorry to me, must be some misunderstanding, bla bla bla.
excuse me sir, u dont have to be sorry, he is the one should say it. by asking him to keep the bag up seems very clear message. wat's about the misunderstanding.

hmm.....and while he talked to the cheif, he was rude as well. oh come on !! give me a break, u call youtrself a priest and just visited israel summore !!

any way, cheif gave him a shower and me as well, ok, that's it. and.... i really dont care whether the cheif wanna believed him or me though. im so ready to draw attention to make him look bad, and im already pretty ugly once he start shouting at me. im a flight attendant on board to do my job, not your maid/ slave ! be nice to me, i may be the one who safe your life after all.

the way back, cheif was picking on me during the service. thanks to those pax again, right after i served them meal on their adjustable tray, he switched his seat to another aisle. so he left his tray on his seat, and make the lady next to her holding up her tray and tried to unfold the table. and bad timing, the cheif just arrived and saw it ! with her serious tone, "can u help her to unfold the tray?" very very nice timing!!!

she called me and asked, why u served the pax their meal tray on the hand, not on their folded tray. sighh............... i explained wat happened and i think she still not ok with that, but atleast she smiled. and i think im gonna be so screwed! hahah

well, i know these are small issues, but with this kind of pax profile.... i can only say: i love my job ! ^^


  1. Sigh~ this kind of pax.. never civilized! If anything happen to him, i juz pretend i didn;t c anything, ops! so sori sir, tis is what u deserve!

  2. seriously i will i can punch him hard on his face ! i wish too i just give clearance by not checking the pax, wat's the point right?

  3. Yeah, This is of pax never understanding..