Friday, February 05, 2010

curry puff day !

well, im not good in making curry puffs... in order to kill the bored mood and time. i decided to do some thing fun !

the eitire session is lenghten... but its ok, i just wanna kill time.

here it goes..

curry puffs with eggs inside?? yeah !!! u are right !

but the taste not so nice though... well, i will make it better on my 2nd attemp soon !

hehe.. and fixing the edge was total disaster for me... thank god mom help a bit on it and im still working hard on it..

tar daaaaa...... nice to see, not so nice to eat though. because there's alot left over on the dining table ! sob sob *


  1. Anonymous12:32 am

    To taste better, should have more meat and onion than potato in the filling and add chicken stock to the filling.

  2. demand more fillings!!!!

  3. LK: yeah, i think nexttime i should do that.

    domo: wat kind of fillings?? beef? or abalone ! haha

  4. Anonymous12:29 am


  5. Dreams12:33 am