Wednesday, February 17, 2010

chinese new year 2010 + V day

its pretty cool to have chinese new year and valentine's day fall on the same day in 2010 !! dont u think the same?? i do like it... hehe

well, i spent most of my time staying at home with family and relatives.

makan, minum and tidur... this is how i spend my days usually, and why not doing it during the CNY.. hehe. the weather is freaking darn hot... better to stay home than going out for visiting.. well, u can always do it after then sun is down..good idea !!

told mom im so not gonna step out of the house for the regular visits,,, except on the day she need to go back to granny's place. so basically, we just stay home till the weather not that crazy and then we go.. LOL

here's some delicious food prepared by step-uncle's wife from china, new member for lee's family.

which i can only have it once a year....... and some they have it few times. which is why im not the top fav grand children. so, mrs. khoo, dont expect me to do any thing extra ok, please, i insist !!

and some thing really pissed me off and i must share !!!

listen cousins if u are reading this...........

when im about to leave granny house. my richie rich aunt in- law left her phone, so im kind enough to keep it and gonna hand it to her.... guess what !! my grandpa he asked me at least 3 times ok, 3 times. is this your phone??? are u going to give it back to your aunt?? hello, excuse me !! me and my mom not your fav kid, doesnt means i will take some thing belongs to some one right? !! we have pride ok !! and do i look im pretty poor although i came from a farking lousy poor family? and do u know me all these years actually?? !! i paid for my own farking education !! i dont need this farking phone, i can buy any thing i like for myself, i can afford that !!

***sighh... of course i didnt do any thing stupid.

instead of all the inner OS, i looked at grandpa, i said calmly to him, with no expression on my face :" yeah, im gonna give it to her later, dont u worry. and good bye [see u next year]." then i walked away.

so, on the second day of CNY, i get this kind of.....shyte stuffs. yeah, u can say im way too sensitive.. wat ever u wanna say man. i just dislike the way u reacted. or may be i should just leave it and let aunt in- law go back to get it by herself next time.

any way, happy chinese new year and happy valentine's to all of u !!


  1. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Don’t blame you for not visiting your grandpa and make sure they know you have almost full collection of LV, Gucci bags.

  2. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Happy Chinese New Year,

    I had the same kind of shit from my grandma last time, my Dad looked like my grandpa, Grandpa was in singapore and re-married a widow,that happen during second world war, tough time, she never got over that, just because of my dad's behavior was very much like grandpa, we also had same kind of shit.

    Until the end, before she died, it ended up her favorite youngest son never want to have anything to do with her. Her grudge carried on with other son except my dad, which we learned how to forgive and let go.

    amazing !

  3. dear anonymous 1:

    too bad, i cant afford to have the full collection of LV or even channel. i bought a price depreciate super big new toy ! ahha, but it's ok. i do any thing i wan right??

    dear anonymous 2:

    hmm.... well. this is how we spell L-I-F-E !! and love it very much ! *wink

  4. Anonymous5:11 pm

    You bought a new car?