Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yeah i still care....but it was before !!

was chatting with my sweet heart gal. update her bit my recent routine.. hehhe.

come on, we gals will talk about it once a while, instead of seeking doctor sakit jiwa [psychiathrist], i think friends can help me out bit. which is FREE of charge.

after pouring out.... sweet heart told me not to be upset about it, because it happens all the time among friends. things comes around goes around, karma... etc.

well, i did not get depressed that much after a great story cum motivation talk. and i think i should start reading my books again... those books on the racks and some new books i bought lately.

alright, again Win, tell yourself this: only those who knows how to spell


thanks gal ! i see u soon in Malaysia *hugss

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