Sunday, January 10, 2010

wine and food @ weekend

went over to cousins after my first jogging attemp... heheh. shocking huh?? its pretty cool. i will post it soon about the area i went to jog, basically on the swing for 20 mins. kekek

well, once im there at cousin's, the big wine glass was filled with alcoholic grape juice. nice!! and this wine is totally awesome!! i LOVE it!

and crap talk as usual while appreciating wine. and some nice supper as routine. deep fried pork knuckles again! wohoooo, so crispy!

didnt take the group pix, just able to catch these 2 cousins, the rest were so busy with face book games, gilar addicted!! ok cousins, i will start the facebook game now onwards, so u will be way behind my level. heheh.. muahahahha!


  1. Anonymous11:20 am

    Good for you, jogging is good.. 1 thing you need to seriously considered is, get a good gear (means no expense spare), running shoes, sport wears,running short and proper support for upperbody,. One of major de-motivating factor is when you injured yourself in the cause of doing it, you give up easily.

    why exercise is good for you...


  2. Looks like u more happy after back to kl based. ;)

  3. dear strangers.....jogging just some thing i do extra to kill time. im still into party and hang out with ppl i like/ love.

    chris: ya, i damn happy with my life now, enjoying every moment to the max!!