Saturday, January 23, 2010

wander at PJ @ Saturday 23 -24 JAN 2010

i went to Damansara again !!

hmm, just don't wan to have the same routine weekend. this week abit different because i went to concert with senior!

on the way from seremban, im GPS-ing how should i go there... loading loading.

let's go through bukit jalil, then kinara high way, let's check out the place ! i love that area because i stayed in BK !! wohoo, my fav A&W root beer float just around the corner! and still there !! plus hypermarket and new gas station is up, wau !! betul that much of ppl go buy stuffs?? any way, suka hati dia orang man !!

finally i reached damansara perdana !! via sunway, LDP then ta- darrr, im here !

lepak awhile with friend then we hit the road again !

chinese dinner before the concert.. yum yum
pix inside the surf beach...

then chilled with kaki's at sunway pyramid then supper !! which im not involved.
the day after that, im dead !! so tired, just wanna sit and rest on the couch whole day ! but my fren from the north going back so, hmmmmm.... i dont have other choice!! so we went dinner and chill again.. heheh!
duck breast pasta
salmon with baked potatoes
green fren @ apartment
@ library

any way, i had a wonderful weekend. thanks to my monash kaki !


  1. Anonymous10:07 am

    Unusual for you to dress down, guys feel less intimidated with neighbour girl.

  2. because we go low profile... LOL. no one says wanna dress up either.