Thursday, January 07, 2010

visiting old time buddy @ SG

went singapore for couple of days... just to visit long time uni mate eugenia and johannes together with the cats tooo. bao bao fatty! *kiss

took a flight and this lady on the flight she ady get into my nerves..... seriously i wan to give her some back fire, but..... chill win, she's just an idiot!

i was in the cabin while boarding. since its pack and everyone was busy to fix their luggage in between. so i waited pateintly and stood at where i was at the aisle. this lady, hmm.... lady is too much for her, should be babarian more exact! well, she moved from her seat with her ugly male partner to let the window pax to get in. and she's so ego and some thing like she's very class and air asia and others jatuh her standard. *memang wanna slap her hard!

ahemmm. since im there infront of her, i waited and looked and waited before i move forward. this babarian she's sooooo low EQ. i guess she wanna lemme know she's talking about me, she's so sarcastic and she said in canto : hang la, diuu, mong met lan. [a.k.a move bitch, wat u looking at??]..... seriously i was shocked by her, heheh. i looked at her and i looked at her male partner....fine i keep quiet! im so wanna say this to her male partner this " i think your gf very sick here (pointing at her brain). sighh.. in order wan to have a stress- free flight, i think i can swallow this. gurpp...hahahhaha, she's so not cool, putting stress on others too, i bet her life is suxx and thank god mine is colourful!!! wooohoo, i love my life!
finally, im in singapore, met jo and eu at the MRT station then headed back to their places at woodlands. which i can say, bit far but its ok, i just wan to hang out instead of shopping and touring. well, basically singapore is a farking boring place instead of malaysia. one PJ area already can beat!! and the food toooooo. love u alot malaysia, although u suxxx! LOLmy fav cat, bao bao!
jo new breed baby fish... so cute!
and chilling while crap...

day 2, planned to go out early and hang out at the heart of the city. wahahah, but turned out, we stayed home till evening. we go straight to steam boat for 2 hours and then back home. we had chicken soup and 'ma la' for me. that's cool, SGD 20 all u can eat! although that's the only activity we had for the day.. but its ok, i like that, relax and chill than rushing and running! stress aku!!
look at this, jo ate all these crab! the crab will go extinct because of him! hehe
day 3, we went to zoo. why zoo huh? wan to go there because we went there in 2003. and its good memories, so we went and hang out a bit instead of the shopping mall which i dont really wan to go for this trip. we walked and its farking tired! ahhahah, seriously our stamina not like before, im feeling old cos we dont exercise that much now days. wat a shame mann, those elderly can even walk faster than us now!! hahah

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