Wednesday, January 20, 2010

time's running out....tick tick tick

since a little depression case and some sort of cultural shock going on lately..

but i rebounced back again. feeling all good now, may be bit sakit hati. it's life !!

well, wat a waste of time thinking wat happened and wat went wrong? nahhh... i dont have time for that, tak kan every time is my problem duhhh !! after some statistic calculation, analysed, and conculsion ----> im no longer matching the chinese malaysian evolving perception.

some thing i noticed lately...

1. they talked alot, but they dont do it nor apply.
2. they act cool, but they dont think cool enough,
3. they are stingy unless they want some thing in return, of course there's some generous kid. that's why i still like them! hehhe.
4. they're dating the very normal, plain and flat gal to carry their gene.
5. they want a hot sexy plus smart gf, but never consider them as candidate for wife. because they think its too expensive, difficult to handle/ manipulate.
6. they complain about their normal, plain and flat wife after marriage, because its too bored to hang out. and wish to have a out going, cool and steady FB.

so, wat u male species want exactly??

as for me, sigh ! another failure attempt!!! well, i know life is unfair.

any way, i have to say thanks to this gentlement which didnt waste each other time much, although its our first date. heheh. it's consider well mannered instead of years baru bye bye though. seriously, i do appreciate that! so keep in touch dude.

time is running out here, because life is tooooooooooo short !!
no time to feel bad about it !


  1. Anonymous10:19 am

    Speed dating?

  2. nope! just need to look forward to enjoy food and drinks, no more looking back. waste of time !!

  3. TOTALLLY ARGREEEEEEEE!!!! *thumbs up*