Thursday, January 21, 2010

sweetie, u are so funny !

sweetie, you are funny and practical, this is why u are still my fav !! and im your best ! ** wink

thank you for restoring my positive mood after u told me some ridiculas stories of yours. muahaha ! its nice, really nice ! thanks for sharing buddy ! i love your stories, always some thing new. which i cant tell wat exactly wat's going on in my blog ! sorry for the regulars.

u are my stars in my eyes dude, its all about fun stuffs, laughing and lovely crap talk.
u are smart and cute looking [ahem !], frank and truthful, kind and generous to me.

well, dont you think this good character makes alot gals throwing themselves to you?? to be exact, hot chick ! hell, that's every guy's dream. guess some of my guy friends will salute you and admire u like mad !! but u chose not to hang out with any of them, because you tooooooo affraid i guess. and its true wat u told me, absolutely agreed with you!! they're looking into some thing else instead...

besides this, thanks for the time dude. after that fight, i noticed you spelled T-I-M-E for me as a friend. i do appreciate that because you're seriously busy. busy busy bee, which i dont like it alot before. any way, it showed you really care this time, which is good.

so, let's hang out soon, i see you in May 2010 !


  1. Anonymous10:20 am

    Hope you will have better luck with him ;)

  2. he's some body's sweet heart already ! [T__T]