Saturday, January 23, 2010

double WOW !

flight going CGK and coming back to KUL is... busy ! but it's ok, i like this flight !

turbulence, bumpy is common, but i still don't like it much. it makes me drowsy, pening sangat! but this time bit floating.... i was expecting air pocket already ! first thing in my mind, SHIT then F@CK ! im so so so scared ! so afraid i will bang myself at the ceiling else cracked my head inside the galley else....fractured my bones??? i heard alot from others, so im bit tense! i quickly secured the box and wanted to sit down so much!!! hehehe

it happened twice in a row, damn stressed !! although its normal, but i don't like this kind of feelings wey, siapa suka.. hehe, although its fun!!!

just about to sit at aft jump seat, but chief announced over the PA to take the station... #$%^!@#$ !! means i have to walk another 50m.. k i can do it and will grab the seat if any thing emergency situation. muahahah.

thank god, no more shaky, no more bumpy, nothing ! piuuufff, relief !! and we landed safely like always. good job captain !! clap clap *


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    A safe landing is a good landing.

  2. ya ! that's the best part !

  3. i very scare of turbulence also... once a/c is bumpy, i will immediate secure myself.

  4. exactly!! i dont wish to fly inside the cabin, hehe