Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day out with V

busy busy weeks......till today still kindda occupied ! although its tiring, i rather have a busy week than a death bored weekend. guys u should know why since u, u and u are regulars here.. heheh! *wink
V came to malaysia for couple of days, so i tried my best to bring her to nice places. thought she doesnt like PJ, the curve that much, which i dont know why. she still prefer the day we hang out at Luna and of course KL area, pavillion and jalan alor for the food.
well, frankly speaking, when strangers talked to us, its all because of her.. no matter we are in the lounge, at the cafe... guy! this is discrimination.. kekkekek!! well, thanks to her, i get to know a group of friends from the state, DC. they came here to attend their friends wedding in malacca and then fly off to phuket, singapore and tokyo! wat a wonderful trip! heheh. NICE
here's the pix...
the chinese deco behind... i like !
nice cocktail....

yeah, i know, its kindda quiet that night.... but its a cool place to hang out.
some street food after the cocktail session. just me and her enjoying the food.

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