Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30 jan @ cheong sum

i went for this cheong sum event just now in the evening...... hmm, i can only say experience counts. and im totally suxx ! hehhe

im totally like an idiot standing on the stage, i dont even know how to post, how to walk good, or where should i look. damn disaster actually !! any way, i didnt expect to have all these in the beginning. fren was asking me to join, then im kindda bored, so i said ok!! mana tau this OK memang back fire me gaw gaw !!

i have to remember the so call easy steps, and i have to walk solo, answer ONE question ! which im totally don't want that. hhahah. when i remember the steps, i forgot to smile, when i smile, im totally carried away... serious blur. this shows not enough training and experience !! my hair.... doesnt look good, and my heels...hmm ! i duno wat to say. just disaster !

any way, i had bit of fun. just for the sake of chinese new year fun time, another kind of experience for me, which is cool i think.

here's the pix.... and will up load more later.


  1. Anonymous2:23 am

    Someone is a model today :)

  2. heya, the dress looks nice & make-up ok wat? ya look worries. as long u had fun!!

  3. looks nice...should go take some modeling course >.<

  4. thank you gals and guys....and modeling, keke ! lemme think about it !!