Saturday, January 16, 2010

3 months already..

i've been home for 3 months.... which is cool, this is what i wanted most for the past 3 years. tetapi..... well, i don't know why i have this question mark now. why i have this tetapi ahh.... hehheh.

let me recall back what have done so far.....

stayed home most of the time,
cooked at home instead,
went out with uni friends on any possible occasions,
hang out with colleagues once in a while,
of course checked out the clubs, lounges together. wohoo !!
went movie with mom and cousins some times,
went dinner at cousin's,
went out for a drink in neighbourhood,
went out with some new friends,
went to singapore to visit eugenia, johannes and of course bao bao cat..

well, i did try out alot nice food since i love food all these while. hehe

and.. how come still got tetapi huh??


  1. You will notice in life, despite all the things you hope for, there will still be still gaps all over, unfilled. That is the "tetapi".

    Good many times, we thought that using material wealth can fill those gap, but actually, sometime it can become worse to extent of making it more complicated.

    We need to live with the fact that, it's an imperfect world , but that does not mean that we should not do anything , just sit down and watch it happened. If within our power to make a different, we should make a different.


  2. woody, im not going to fill it with material wealth.. just feeling 'wat's the point im doing all these for??'

    im pretty shock and upset on people recently.