Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 celebrations

where to celebrate althought i dun have days off?

ok, lemme sacrified my rest, i can do it after the party and rest for 4 hours for the flight. alright, i had decided and now i should call friends to go out with me. muahahah !!

thanks for mr fong, the new year organiser. the plan was great ! but it wasn't that cool when we reached the venue. @#$%^@#$, u guys, dont force me to be mean on the 1st day of 2010 alright??? it's a little annoyed thought. but to be a cool chic, i remind silence and i just go with the flow, dun wan to spoil my mood for this silly stuffs.

u guys will agree with me when u read a bit futher...just stay with me.

supposed to go japanese cuisine at still water @ hotel maya. but.... need to wait. and some of them doesnt want to have good fine dinning...sigh** i thought we were agreed to have it good, and go luxury?? why changed suddenly?? ok, ok, fine.

butttttttttttt we ended at....

with this dinner, its a total 90% cheaper than the original planned jap cuisine * thanks for telling this, so my mood is much better!! hahaha

with my over dressing code, which really silly and ackward. never mind, i can take it. cos i dont have other choice !! u think im in a good mood too when i realised im gonna have my dinner this place?? ** adjusting my mood. be cheerful win, smile smile.
then, we went to pub. guess what? every one just went off when the bill came. WTF!! and i'm the one paid for 8?? very nice !! i have nothing to say. because im not the only one doing this, im seriously pitty you*

when at the club counter, gosh!! it happened again!! fine, i just want to go inside the club and fuck every thing now! hahahha.
any way, i had some fun, and met some old school friends at the club.

happy new year everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:07 pm

    You paid for everyone in the pub including the guys? May be they were thinking you are loaded and rich.

  2. Anonymous1:17 am

    What?! WHAT A SHAME OF THOSE SO-CALLED GENTLEMENT?! how come your guy friends are so cheapo?!

  3. hmm.... i just wish they gonna share it. and thank god im not the event organiser! eheheh.

    sighh.... serious not sure why so. some thing im pretty sure was i paid extra which memang not cool since agreed to go dutch!

  4. Steven Chia11:53 am

    Ohhh Shit!!! WTF of all this guys????!!
    where's the organiser??!!! REallY sucker!!!
    Kasi malu saja!!! duiiiii!!!!!!!!!

  5. shit man!! wats up wit those guys? arent they suppose to pay for ur share??? geezz...thank god i wasn't thr..

  6. aii... nvm la. just to release my anger here a bit only. i had little fun also.. its ok lah. but im gonna do it alone next year..wakakka