Thursday, October 29, 2009

dim sum + IKEA

went PJ with mom and aunt for a day cos wanna go for dim sum and IKEA for some stuffs.

u know, cant afford to have the custome made furniture so i have to go for those low price ikea furniture... wahhaha. but its good enough to fit into the room, at least look a little bit cosy and neat though.

the dim sum was okay, at least not bad. any way i ate good and full. so gonna have more and more dim sum soon... my fav breakfast other than the nasi lemak wrapped with banana's leaf.

here's the pix.. enjoy it!
this the classic "siew mai"
this is nice.....

IKEA.... hm. a place to spend on house again. seriously dislike to go here actually, every time seems like so many things suit the house cos its handy and save place. hahah.

any way thanks to cousin brother and fren that gave me a ride on the way going and back home. thanks alot!

first week back to Malaysia....

Finally im back to Malaysia… for good? umm, not very sure its gonna be good forever or.. may be some thing happen later and I need to change my plan.

quite a lot of things to do once I arrived home. any how almost settle, which is good news though.

Started to contact some friends…. some but not all, cos kindda malas. may be I missed of some, but what so ever man, janji will see each other one day. i just wan to finish get all the things done then I can start relax and lepak with u guys ya. don’t you worry, sooner or later we will meet up.

so far I met few closed friend from home town, hang out of course. I love to drink, talk and relax! I had fun, thank you guys. and most important is you qaD, a very good friend from the north. you always my favorite, do u know that.. haha. miss u buddy, a lot!

And thanks for calling… finally u have time to call up although I sent u a message few days ago. Serious appreciate that, and I see u next month in Kuala Lumpur with your wife! Right here waiting for u buddy, cant wait to crap talk with u once again! Always make me laugh a lot like before!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kwan in KUL

one of my fav senior colleague from kuwait came on a flight.

i went to meet her, cos i memang like to hang out with her bit cos she's my chill kaki when im doing the JFK flight. she's cool enough to chat and go out for a drink.

well, i met her on the weekend, brought her to star hill to check out some restaurants as well as pavilion. since she needs to be a vegetarian at this particular moment. so i didnt bring her all the meat fav i love to eat.

and we went lepak a while for the clothes and shoes for the night outing. although its bored, but i had fun. sorry to u kwan, i guess just after new year and the clubs bit quiet on weekend. so we do it again next time ya.

day 2, all the way to bukit jalil just wanna her to try the laksa.... who knows, it closed. hmm...... where to eat!! aa, we ended up at old town white coffee for laksa and i strongly recommended her my fav egg tarts near by. and thank god she loves it.

ok kwan, promised me u come again to malaysia and i will bring u more good food when u are not vegetarian ya.

Friday, October 23, 2009

dubai with sweet heart

what a wonderful trip to dubai... wohoo! i had fun, serious. and thanks dear..!

and thanks to the company that approved my last minute emergency leaves before i go back Malaysia for good.

basically i didnt shop for this trip... amazing huh?! hahha, ya. not even a single accessories for myself.

i spent most of the time sleeping, and out dining plus drinking with Dec. and of course get to met Petra for lunch. and you Kyennie, u came to Dubai and i didnt know that.. wahhaha. and we were in the same mall on the same day! but its's okay, gonna meet u soon.

some places we went.... we means im going out with some one to these places.. wahaha!

here go some pix in the album....
vodka for the breakfast morning juice...and the rest of the days
the local note and coins..

chilling while surfing the net... just an excuse to drink.. i like.
the view near the apartment...on my way to the walk at the beach
my dinner.... yum yum!

beach side party.. sort of.
nice view from jumeirah..
this is wow.. but i dare not look down! thank you for taking this pix.. hahha
the hotel, bur al-arab
burj dubai... the tallest building in 2010...
my surprise trip by you... hahha, nice!
the wooden ship near dubai museum...
sunset view while we walk back to the parking
cool place.. neos at the address
fountain at dubai mall.... view from neos. its very cool..... !
the address next to dubai mall....
and many thanks to you hon, to make the efford spending time and took me out..that's really nice, and seriously appreciate that. i had great fun and moment with you sweet and i see u in Malaysia or some where in the world very soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i though i found it.....

emm.. serious what a surprise moment ever! shock* to be exact!!

i thought i found it... and seems... its like bubble again! damn damn damn.. i wanna scream and i wanna cry! but its okay..! nothing can kill me, not this time!

ya... i look tought and strong that's why i got all this huh. because u guys think im gonna be fine and i can handle it.. ya sooooo farking right!!! and u guys go and pay sympathy to someone looks/ acting weaker. i want to act weak too..... i wan to show im really weak inside okay! why i never have a chance???? damn farking not fair!!

arggggghh!! i hate this feeling...

seriously, is it something wrong with me?? what's going wrong here?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

mrs. khoo_ part 2

time really can changed soome one perception, especially mine. when im young, im naive and im not understanding. i blamed every thing, and wonder why im not as lucky as others... but of course i kept my feeling inside myself. u know, just keep quiet and feeling frustrated all the time and always faught with mom, almost every morning before the transport came. and of course we still fight over silly stuff some times... but now days seems like im the one keep nagging non stop... LOL

any way, mom poses a very good personality. happy go lucky and always sastified with her life. so God is great, although she has tons of problems, but she still look young and good. mom once told me, the more u suffer, more u get in return. umm. okay mom.

talk about the poor days... that's crazy! money never enough. she has to go here and there to get some financial help. i believed everyone start to avoid our family after few 'financial rescue' hahahhha. any way, there's also a few cousins they are understanding and.... they help alot. im sincerely thankful about it. why i mention just she... because mom always do the shyte work, what u expect from a man in the family?? any way, i have no comment about it. ever since iu started to be understanding. i do appreciate mom after what she been through in her life.

one story mom told me which i still remember since young. that's really touching and i do appreciate what this aunt did to mom.

money is a huge issue for our family.. due to, this and that. hahha. imagine just RM50 can make a big difference. no kidding! one of mom sis she's always nice to mom. when ever she's gonna leave the country, all the local currency will give it to mom to help her in the monthly expenses. so, can u imagine this kind of financial help really make a difference for the month though. and thank you aunt cos u really kind and sincere to mom.

any way, this is just part of the chaotic stories. im still fine with that... haha, cos serious no big deal. always certain relatives there for us along the way by helping us out. may be our family toooooo pity and they felt sympathy. dont worry guys, i know u guys never expect any thing in return cos u all are good people.

and one thing i really enjoy doing it again and again is scared her.. haha. her reaction is just funny!! mom get freak out easily when i started to put pressure on her. some times i just cant help it, just want to make her worried and feel a little bit of stress. mom always take things easy, so easy. till i cant stand the way she's too relax when i want ASAP. so i have my way to force her to go a little bit faster....hurry up mom!! heheh, im farking mean, i know that. if i dont get respond from her side for sure i will start calling, else my friends will call her to check what's going on... hahahah. its pretty funny the other day, just to call what's going on and she started to report her schedule to my bestie who called up... kekekkke. i guess she got freak out abit. when im in Malaysia i always call to check on her when im not around, asked what's going on, what is she doing, and what did she eat for dinner. now even im not there, my fren will call her when im on MSN with bestie, im pretty sure mom thinks im nenek siot! like crazy body guard, or may be over caring psyco daughter.

last trip back to Malaysia mom was with me, u cant imagine how many times i called her when she's on her way to KUL by KTM.. heheh. and she's smart enough to sms me the day she left KUL by the time she reached SBN. hahaha, am i putting too much pressure on her?? hmmm.. i dun think so. cos im very worried about her now days, i dont wan any heart attack news about her. cos she's very important to me now.. emm.. money comes second. hahahhaha. well it depends, no money how to give her better living. serious i wish i could print money.. where the hell is my Alladin? i want to make my wish!

few days back, sms-ing with mom is some thing which i will do often compare to others. mom always thank me and brother for this and that, serious i wonder she's so formal though, may be this is what the chinese said: some one with good heart they always be thankful, and they show how grateful they are, because the have nothing to give in return, except love, caring and sincerity. which money cant buy.... for sure.

this time i told mom she doesnt have to say thanks to me or brother. because she deserves the best from us though not luxury way. heheh. and always have to think positive and always think she's some one special for us. if wanna thank us, she should take good care of herself for us, her health and her safety.

so mami dear, i see u soon in Malaysia and let's hang out again.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

im a RM 18 baby

mom was telling me some stories when she's young the other day... and its pretty interesting instead of hearing some sort of.... hmm, which is bored. ahah

any way, mom said now days every thing is expensive, transportation, medicals, insurance.. etc. mom said 28 years ago, when she has her first labour, at Seremban general hospital. the 3 days at hospital, medication, dressing, etc cost RM18 ONLY. imagine, RM 18 for 18 years later can buy.....i duno what can i buy. aaa... 4 packs of nasi lemak.

as compare to today's labour fee in the hospital... the cost is really crazy. what i heard from my ex colleague, she had it done at the private hospital, which cost her about RM7K. well, it depends she wants it natural way, Caesarean section, pain killer injection to ease the labour pain... etc. its about 400 times cost difference as compare to before. bit crazy huh,, i think so!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

weight gaining Kuala Lumpur flight

finally.... i went to back to Malaysia!! food and beverages is my aims for this trip after so long. and thanks to everyone that i spent time with, especially mom for sure. always there for me and always help me in all the small house hold stuffs. actually staying with parents is the best although its kindda no privacy. but it's all good for me so far.
time is limited, so i didnt get to sleep much and my health situation is just go wild for a bit. but it's okay, Edison the great inventor once said you can rest as much as u want after life... LOL. he actually mentioned that or what?
once back to KL, my high school mate gave me a ride back home town, so i dont have to bring my heavy baggage by train. thanks!! i do appreciate that and're sincere i know that. and thanks again.
once reached home, unpacking and sorted the gifts for relatives. and called aunt for dinner... as usual. it's a MUST to do every time i got back home, else im gonna face disaster situation if i dont. work done and i can go for the nest outing with mom early in the morning for nice authentic breakfast at the wet market food court and some raw food shopping.

in order to eat this rice noodles with pork and squid, i have to wake up at 5am local time.
by the way, can u see mom in the pix???

once settle mom's shopping for this coming weekend mid-autumn festival with brother fee, it's time for me to leave home town by train with my huge luggage back to KL for some groceries shopping for colleagues and myself in kuwait..

mid autumn traditional snacks

Heineken, my fav beer, and lemme introduce you my bestie Chardonnay.

and thanks to mr wooi, bro fee friends back in KL to bring me out for good food and i got to chill out bit.. wauu.. love it! and u have fun in your Bangkok trip boy.. *wink

some chinese cooking from restaurant.. yummy!

nice place to chill, thanks alot!
mom was here with me the other day, when the company decided to move the crew from Traders Hotel to cheapo Crown Plaza Mutiara. no comment about it, just cheapo customer service i would say. any way, i just wanna bring mom around and spend some time instead doing the routine stuffs, which i can always do it after wards. movie, dim sum breakfast, facial [thanks again cousin] and met up with connie and her cutie pies! naughty actually! u watch out benny boy!
chinese dim sum, my fav..... NICE!
nice chinese dinner with consins.... which i really love now days.. its's great to hang out cos kindda stress free. and benny boy serious cute plus naughty..but i like! thanks for the night connie, i see u soon.
the next morning...... what else, let's eat good for breakfast! i took mom to the famous street for food at the golden triangle near hotel by sky train, so call monorail.

rice noodles soup with fish and toufu; pork porridge with fried yao zar guai

after breakfast, we started wander around the area, Petronas twin tower@ KLCC and Pavilion for food, movie and coffee break again...and some pix around the area and met Joe for lunch with mom. and hey, u better dont gimme rain cheque again, will punch your face this time for sure if u didnt take me for the grill seafood back home.
nasi lemak the 'star' from Malaysia. [fig 2]
this is really cool, due to the Indian Deepavali, the mall are putting up the Kolam art on the floor. all these is fixed with coloured rice. really amazing isn't it??