Sunday, September 27, 2009

ecosystem true colour

what i've seen and experienced so far........ okay, may be u guys may say i'm not old enough to say this..... and may i ask, who the hell are u to judge me??

well, age doesn't matter actually.. some in their 50++, they don't look wise to me. still farking naive. and some still acting smart just because they're the elder, supposed wiser.. ahem, ya right! damn right! and some pretty young, younger than me acting smart and trying to behave like an aldult too... em, it's fine with me. what so ever actually.

seriously i got a little up set, actually i shouldn't be. u know, im just a human being, i have feeling and i have emotion, of course my mood will be affected although i know it's stupid to put myself in that situation.... well, any way...duno how to express that in words. just a feeling that i cant get rid of easily.

friends close to me got me up set, why?? may be i care too much. or may be i hate the feeling being ignorant... ya, i think this is the word. i dont have much attention. i dont want to be popular among friends, but i do need some attentions, actually attention is kind of caring from others.. i supposed so.

when i totally gave up on certain friends.... why so??
because i dont want friends that always dont have time for me, ignore, and dont even send me msg nor emails.

guys, actually u can do it for free by facebook, msn, friendster, hotmail, yahoo mail or may be yahoo messenger. this show how sincere u are towards a friend, why the hell im the one always doing all these?? because im damn free is it? excuse me, i can be busy too. so, i dont want to do all these keep in touch first any more. because i dont want to feel up set when i dont get a msg in return.

so, why should i be the one to standby, be there? i do so to sincere friends eg. my dearly from north, my dearly from singapore, etc. i can standby for them, because they're sincere enough. and im willing to do it for them.

so, dont judge me or blame me for not caring.. let's think over, who doesn't.
by the way, is busy a farking excuse??? if that so, i'm busy too, plus im not interested anymore, so fark it else start to be sincere mate. it's my turn to choose whether i want to keep you in my friend list.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you're deleted...

i wonder why i'm keeping all these silly friends....

and i'm totally dont feel any thing or good towards you guys any more. plus you no longer in my friend list, because i just deleted your emails, your mesaages, your contact and you!! and im farking serious this time, i guess no point being friends any more, i felt you all took me for granted and totally not sincere! so, don't mess with me any more. and i'm totally dislike stranger male species too which trying to act smart now days. so, you, you, and you can F@UK off and get lost! out of my sight.... i damn farking hate to see annoying retards nor communicate with cow!

what ever it is, i dont give a damn, and i dont farking care what ever you all gonna say. because i just deleted you all which i think it's not worth to be friends. wasting my time, i prefer go parties than entertain boring shit! so out of my way and get lost!!

EID in kuwait 2009

i had a wonderful and some fun during Eid in Kuwait. thanks to Dec and the routine standby and days off for me to enjoy a wonderful Eid celebration instead.

well, nothing much in Kuwait for sight seeing. its a dead city actually. but, if u enjoy coffee and shi-sha, u came to the right place. u can drink and smoke every where u go, airport, shopping mall, its a smoking heaven for smokers. and too little too late when i knew u like shi-sha. plus we didnt go coffee much, hehhe...sorry about that dear.
the first day was nice, windy and dry. good to walk around after dinner.

but the humidity and the heat for the rest of the days.... its really disaster! it drains your brain too, u felt tired and sticky all over. damn the humid weather before winter!

we went to some places, and some didnt due to the public holiday. the museum is closed, the malls closed for few hours, the liberation tower closed..... and what left??!! hahah....nothing much actually.

any way, i seriouly impressed by you, the dinner you took me the other day. it's really amazing. what a real good experience to dine inside an antique wooden ship! i love it. thanks alot!

by the way, i really felt sorry about all these culture and conservative system in Kuwait. so im gonna treat you a great trip when you visit Malaysia next year. every thing gonna be fun, good experience, you will love Malaysia for sure. emm.... make sure you're with me, else you will not love Malaysia that much *wink wink

Friday, September 18, 2009

dearest old friend from NORTH

hey you... hahah. how many times i blog about u?? i forgot!!

u are the sweetest hearty pie in my life, thanks god i met u since teenager.
u are funny, u are smart, u are kind and u rich but humble!! i like your personality alot, and happy for u cos u found hui ling. im so gonna miss u, like some one sharing my toy! my playmate! wahaaha.

and u never forget me, that's good! that's why i love u more and more. because u are caring and lovely to me, and u really spare your time for me when i called at the wrong timing. i do appreciate that.

every time when u about to leave the conversation, when u said " dont miss me qaD" damn u almost make me cry, because i really miss u and its difficult to catch u on the right time.

seriously, how i wish u stay nearby in the neighbourhood. but its alright dear, i see u soon in malaysia! love u qaD!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

shopping date in kuwait with miss STU!

i stormed into the mall in kuwait after the Iftar, hope i didnt spell it wrong.

well, all the shop close, so i have to delay the shopping date from 7pm to 1am... dinner included, cos the walking and trying from tops to bottom is tiring..! u cant imagine how many pieces i had tried. countless..... and im a fast decision maker in buying goods. so money earned slow and goes fast like chips more biscult. now u see, now u don't!

heck damn, i want a money printer!! so i can be fruitful to my fello beloved friends and families without hard work... wahahahah.

well, here the kill i've made. and more for this coming weekend with Mr. Dec.

one of my fav brand.... and some thing for ahfee too..
some nice dress i bought from NYC.... and thank god i dont find it in kuwait.. LOL

some that i didn't see from NYC and i found them in kuwait... wohooo!

what a nice day out with Miss STU, my fav friend in kuwait. and again, thanks for the time and i had a great dinner with you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

my last LONDON, LHR flight

it supposed to be a pleasant and fun flight for my last london. well, thing never went well especially with rubbish shyte!!

the pax is nice, light load and the colleagues are nice as well, but the cheif is a farking big NO NO! he really.. macam sial!! from my experience and what i felt.... sorry to say. aku tak suka! he's EQ is farking low as well as low IQ! grr...... lemme tell u this, this is the average intelligence quote among them i supposed.

my duty is to check the availability of the trolly on ground, i checked! i have 3. this gal came to asked me the quantity of it. i told her 3, with details. one used! one for this sector and one is the comfort kit!! he went to the cheif and told him the same thing, but the cheif came to me furiously and said, " MISS, how many trolley u have?" i told him the same shyte!! and he said why u told her u have only 2!!! and i dont want to have the same mistake,, "

excuse me, u retard bastard! since when i did mistake and since when i said 2??? mind your farking manner!!

u know what, he didint apologise or any thing when he realised he's the one who did the mistake, not me. and this is not the only shyte thing he did to me, the way of holding the spoon, others crew lav also my duty huh?? WTF is all these!! yeah.. im a SEA so u think im always wrong and bully me isnt it?? this ppl in this culture just F@ck!! and thank god, i dont have to work in this country anymore, and im a MALAYSIAN. my country is colourful and interesting, u guys stay here and eat sand for the rest of your life!! and u all deserved it!!

[breath in....and out] well, im fine, dont worry.
anyway, i did get to meet belle. spent some quality time talking and eating.
its good to have u around u know, im gonna miss u and i see u soon in malaysia soon!

P.R.I.O.R.I.T.Y , my style, my way!

FAMILY, good cousins are THE BEST! bulldog pet comes second [optional] and fashion comes 3rd with chardonnay [MUST], boy friend comes after.... emm... i dont have one, so F@uk it! i dont want heart pain any way. and dont tell me no pain no gain, cut the silly joke too, its not funny any more. LOL!!

good people are needed as usual, they're nice to hang out with and no stress at all, and no depressing complains. well, i love complains, but u got to be a positive type, and laught at it, that's how i do my anger management, although some times i failed, but its better than not trying to get out of the situation..

damn, i drifted too way again.. i apologised! overall, my average families member are still fine. at least they dont do any bad yet.. i hope never!! so, they're important to me, especially mom and brother. ok, brother's future wife too!

why pet comes second? well, its optional actually, cos im not sure anymore. i still cant take the emotional breaking down and cry alot when i miss my puppy bulldog in dog's heaven right now. she's the best companion i ever had when im back home during my weekends. she's cute, funny, and lovely!! and quite busy body and posses high ego. those who been to my parent's place, im pretty sure they love her too. LOL... i dont think puppy can rest in peace though, because i always think of her almost everyday!! 3 years from now, gosh!! can i have her back, im serious. she could be with me of 12 instead of 2 and a half... pretty unfair!

fashion and chadonnay comes after the both mentioned above. well, this 2 ares some thing must MUST i believed! i like to dress up alot ever since...... actually its a good therapy to boost my mood, positive mood when go out for what-so-ever-u-named-it dinners else parties. actually......., listen, actually im respecting the person or strangers at the venue, wahahhaha!! so i have to make sure i do look good and still shining! LOL.. wohooo. nice dress, nice accessories, nice bag, nice wine, why upset???! no way man!! my spirit gotta be high forever with all these to keep me going! and i enjoy it alot!!

boy friend, what do u think?? i have no comment about it any more. because good guys went blind easily else be fooled by others pretentious which i really experienced that. good and still GOOD! hahah, i love my life with or without them actually! ahaha, but of course its better to have some one that really worth loving!

pretty difficult to get a good deed, b*itch and b*astard [B&B] are every where on the streets.. so i say, F@uck it and get lost!

yeah, im crazy, so..??
yeah, im a freak. so what?? i dont give a damn to those ever lasting B&B any more!

i just wan to live life happy, my style, my way!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

finally, i'm a First Class flight attentand

am i happy about it... frankly, i dont feel any good at all. it's some thing different from ecomony for sure, but still the same, unless it's gonna be NO pax. then, im gonna say, YES, im so happy. but it never gonna happened.

another cairo flight on Ais Bus just to be cleared as a FC. although it's ramadan the way going, and its consider not so heavy load since everyone is fasting. BUT.. the way back from cairo.... hmm. one word to express, exhausted!

im the only, only SEA which doesnt speaks arabic. not even a single sentence! and those 2 crew working with me, they gonna break their fast during the service. which means im gonna work ALONE in the cabin from right to left, front row to the last. okay fine although i dont have full load, but i have 7, and they can kill me just by asking me extra stuff which im still busy with the rest. and yet some they haven got their meal. isnt it unfair, they're the first class pax, and why i have to entertain u 2-3 times and the rest still waiting. excuse me, i know u are damn rich to fly first class, but cant u be a little patient?? i wish i could split myself into 2 or may be 4, but i just cant. and the other 3 in the front they're eating to break their fast, together with the deck crew. fuhhh... u cant imagine how crazy its gonna be!! and thank god i dont have to entertain them. else im so gonna show my temper infront of them, haha

the only thing i have been complaining from the day i work onboard, which is this situation. ya, i know u tired, u sick, so dont come for duty, report sick! just take the farking sick leave, u are entitle for it. and breaking fast while during the service together with the pax, is this a reasonable reason?? i have to do my own duty, plus another R1A duty, seal the box and trolley and cut my hand because of the stupid sealing wire. damn it!! those working as a cabin crew, will u see this happen to other airlines? this is not an excuse u know, im not robot, im feel tired too with all this pax call especially when they're breaking their fast. why not get another SEA crew who doesnt fast and work normal during the ramadan month.

the crews will just say, it's that okay for u? thanks win... excuse me. can i say NO? if i did, what u gonna do? same shyte, i will still work and u guys may give me extra headache though. so in order to make the atmosphere harmonium, so i didnt say any thing except smile and say enjoy!! cos i know im not gonna fly with u consecutively cairo cairo... off duty and hope not to see u that soon. LOL

any way, im cleared on Boeing and Air Bus. and im done, just a couple of flights more, and that's it! kiss kuwait good bye and never return... unless, hmm. no unless for me. NO THANKS!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

how much do u care... really, im serious!

i have been a blood donor since......... many years ago. my first ever experience was 18 during the blood drive back in year 2000 at Taylor's college, SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. im with Dr.Way Way my college buddy.

well, i terrified of needles actually. but by donating blood can help others, so why not?? and the blood bank in Malaysia always have shortage of blood though. this is because alot of them they just think blood is precious, so they wan to keep them inside their body. guys, u know im not talking about those they're having anemic, else low blood count. if u are healthy person, please dont be stingy alright? dont u worry u will be lacking of blood, those ppl are professional enough to count houw much u gonna donate, and u will generate new blood cells from bone marrow. lemme tell u, if u dont donate it, u not gonna keep that forever, its gonna degraded by spleen in your liver after 120 days it produced. hmm..... dont worry, this is not science talk, and im not gonna tell u how it produce and degraded, so dont u worry!! if u are interested, u can go google or wiki it. i dont have time for it any way. im sincerely asking u guys to do something good for the community, to the blood bank and the hospitals. that's what im trying to say.

do u know i still donoate my blood 2 1/2 years before before i joined the airline industry. due to this work, i cant donote it anymore, because there's some rules and regulation. unless... unless im having atleast 7 days off. may be min 3 days to be on the safe side. cos its mentioned i should do it in within 24 or 48 before operating flight. seriously i forgot. sorry about that.

my aunt been nagging me why i wanted to donate blood. okay, there may be risk. this and that. well, its all human error which they dont use the steralised tools. but trust me, if u go to hospital to do it, im pretty sure every thing gonna be fine. if im seriously that unlucky.... well, i can only say that's my rotten luck. i cant blame anyone about it.

besides donating blood, did u sign up as an organ donor yet?? well, i did, been carry this card for some times. just in case u know. so my organ can help someone and give life. this is what mentioned in their slogan....

to be frank with u, i dont think i need my organ anymore after life. anyway my body dont have to be neccessary go into the earth nor burn into ashes. seriously, i think its a waste of resource. think about it, u may occupied the spare for no reason. and i dont think my grand grand children will graveyard. so dont make them doing all these during the festival just to pay their respect to their ancestor... if they really love u, they will remember u, no matter where im gonna be. its all about hearty.

just think about it guys, donate your blood every 3 months is possible, else atleast once a year, may be once in your life if u are allow to, and donate your organs after life. emm... its okay u dont want to do all these, so donate your money. if u contribute your 10% to the church, ok fine and thanks.

just remember this, u may help others, or may be yourself and your families in the future. just the matter of time though, i believed u are smart enough to know what i meant. * wink

Sunday, September 06, 2009

my last NYC flight as first class crew

this may be my last NYC flight ever as a first class cabin crew. and damn the first class, i didnt even have the chance to rest due to so many reasons.... and f*ck all these stupid shit, this is my last and im going back! no more NYC flight for me.... unless NIL in first class for the whole F*arking flight pattern.

since this is my last, of course im not gonna sit and wait.....umm. although i dont seal and lock myself in room.
well, at least i tried.... so i dont regret nor upset when things doesnt go what i expect this time. and dont farking blame me for it.

i had a day off in NYC.. cool. that's why i went out with the crew, which they're nice. had a korean lunch with kwan, the senior in manhattan and of course some shopping.

the day before i left NYC to LON, i went korean lunch alone for the last time......the beef soup is just delicious.. and sorry i didint get to take the pix.. wasted!

in LON.... what else. of course going down town to meet belle for dinner and gossip for sure! and this may be the last time im gonna see her in london.... but its okay belle, dont get upset, anyway im gonna see u in malaysia real soon.

thanks to belle... i had a nice dinner and sakura sake. is that what u told me..

and thank god we had a delay in london for the way back to NYC... hhhahahah...that's why nicole didnt get to go some where she wanted. and she went party with me instead. yahoo0o!
we went to a few clubs and bars in town.. some are so so, some are too crowded, and some closed early. any way.....all the entrance is free of charge except the first club we went... and thank god, we dont have to wait long in line since we're late. pheww...

but i had fun.... kind of. met some ppl.. and thank god not bad ppl... else........

so here's the pix