Saturday, August 29, 2009

here... take my hand.

emm.... life sux huh? yeah i know, and tell me about it. so i can know more about it. always suprise me with new tricks...

some times i damn farking hate when some one said stop complaining.. well, i think its fun to complain. im in love with complains.. LOL.

i listen to what people complain... so i know more about what's going on. but i dont bitch around. come on guys... when some one wants to complain, just listen to them, this may help that particular person feel better though. although didnt help much, but at least u there to listen, and didnt walk away... well, im there for my friends. those i dont take as friend... yawn, please tell others alright. i have my own problems too. so get lost! hahah, who cares about them, i dont give a damn, only those i consider them as my friends, those i care ONLY!

although i have damn lot complains too, but when some one wanna complain, im fine with that. but dont repeat 10 times with the same story, that's gonna make me go mad too. im serious, dont tell me the farking same story, i know what u gonna tell me again this time. LOL, tell me some thing new!

to develop a positive mentality is not easy, this is what im trying all the while. some times when i feel strong, cool. im emotional fit. nothing can kill me. when im weak, excuse me, just leave me alone. i may get emotional break down easily. so better stay away, if sorry!

ohh, by the way, thank you guys for being there for/ with me while im emotional unfit. i know, im emotional unfit all the time, that's why im emotional exhausted recently. LOL. million thanks ya.

what i wanna say is.... just be strong if u can. if u cant do it now, its fine with me, slowly, try till u can. as long as u think u are all good, or may be better. take as long as u want, i cant develop this positive thinking in one day or two, it took years to do that... well, im a slow learner. if u want to cry... just cry, i dont feel annoying too. u may feel better, but dont cry too loud, i believed u dont need extra attention though.

so... since u need me now. here's my hand, u can hold on to it. and dont let go alright! * smile

my 202th post

wow.. i didnt know i can wrote that much. my 202th post in blogger!

all these years, i've writing and writing... this is a very good way to release my stress, good stress management though. when im happy, im sad, im down cast, even when im crying.. haha some times even when im tipsy and high while im drinking. a glass a day, helps in blood circulation, a bottle a get a good sleep!

when im in a stress mode, i wrote it to release the stress, so the bomb inside me get subside abit.

when im sad, when i cry, good way to share too... so i will kill some time and forget the unhappy things for a while.

when im happy, of course i wan to share...

so, no matter good or bad, im sharing with u guys... my dear friends that read my blog.

thank you guys for the support.. and finally im gonna back to origin, regain my colourful life back in Malaysia with all my love ones.....

i say sorry for leaving u guys for 2 years.....take me back okay!

sept 2009 roster... and im done!

wohooo guys.... good news!

finally im in the list of going back home.. wohoo!

first, lemme clear for the first class service on this coming NYC flight. woww. im so ready for this flight, insyallah my last! i need shopping and champagne this time! im serious, just need it. and parties...

and im granted the unplanned flight request back to malaysia during EID. wauu... 3 months of not being rostered... finally my turn. this time im gonna bring all the stuffs back. and have some fun with friends and families. guys....... get ready your wine and champagne, i missed it so many times. and this up coming wine party during the weekend, damn it! never ever tell me that when im not around!!

and most important..... some one better show up on the day u promised!

after this NYC and KUL flight. basically im done with Sept 2009. and im ready to go back! i dont care the life is difficult in MYS, the heat, the politics..... i need my colourful life back home. dont u guys agree with me and show your support.... haha, mentally is alright to me. as long as u, u and u gonna be there for me. thanks!

here i come Malaysia, the most colourful wonderland ever!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

extra 1805/ 6 with APU

yeah, another night walk on the clouds to cairo.... dead tired!
my first flight of the month after the courses..... and still operated as EY crew. guys, u cant imagine how crazy it will be for this flight! im so not gonna miss this stupid flight with this kind of pax profile... i had enough with this kind of crazy pax onboard.

this extra flight is going NIL.. damn cool! i love it. either way actually, just dont full full load for both way. i dont wish to walk from kuwait to cairo and walk back from cairo in 5 hours plus another few hours for the pre and post flight of 10 hours may be.
pix i took with apu from the way going... this is the only moment i have the chance to drink water, go to the toilet. once im on this crazy cairo flight.. dont think about going to the toilet or have the chance to drink water, never have the chance to do it! hmm... unless is light load, and this seldom happen on my cairo flight, my rotten luck! as for other crew.....em, well im not sure, no comment!

as mentioned, they dont even listen nor respect the crews. serious.. im not kidding!
for example, they will just released the seat belt and stand up and opened the over head once the plan touched down... are they crazy??!! atleast 3 announcements the cheif made, in arabic and english to ask them to remain seated. but this pax they just dont listen and ignored it. OK FINE!! but its gonna be hassel when someone really hit the cabin floor or seat if there's an emergency!! and i dont wish that happen too, cos i just want to go back straight after the flight, not doing extra paper work to file in report... why so? serve them right isnt it? since the vedio demostration, announcement made in arabic and english, and shouted at them once they stand... come on, they're cow or what?? their bags are more important than their safety?? umm... may be they're just not worth so much i assume.... some how i really got fed up with all these lately! i did what i supposed to do and..

excuse me, let me secure myself instead of risking my life for u guys who doesnt listen... NO WAY, my life damn precious now!

thanks for the night gals..

another day with the gals chilling at home.

just right after im done my refresher and the gals are home...... what am i waiting. yallah, let's go over and do some cooking and chill!
here some of the chinese cooking......
sweet chinese chicken with potatoes..
ladies's finger with garlic and salted fish...

well, other than cooking dinner for the gals...... we had karaoke after dinner... wahhah. dead funny siang cos the melody is so freaking slow! its kindda reading than singing for certain songs.. and non stop laughing through out the session. imagine, just singing and ciggi and we can be that crazy! how about when we had some alcoholic drinks... um, i cant wait to go back have some fun with the gals at red box or may be new way later!!
thank you gals for the day.. i had lots of fun and laugh!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A340 refresher

this is the last course im gonna attend.... thank god im done with all these!

for sure gonna pass the test, cos its not that difficult as long as u read, and by chance u calculated the possibility that u gonna get it wrong for the test..u will not fail, im serious. LOL.

this time im doing it alone, with no other B-07 batch mate. but its okay, no problem. i have those senior supervisor and some senior crews in the course.

guess everyone was bored by this boring instructor. god.. when he talks, its kindda lalabi, can fall asleep, serious. trust me, if u attend this instructor's course, u gonna be so dead!

some thing was funny happened. when they talked about refueling onboard with the pax. okay what's the procedures? well, cheif cabin has to make an announcement, monitor pax, guard all doors.. etc is the procedures. but this supervisor said, fasten your seat belt and sit down...emm, what!! [pax should release the seat belt in case of emergency] LOL. come on, u know some time when we talk we dont register what we just said actually. guess he didnt notice what he just mentioned, that's why it's funny! when i was shocked, turn and looked at him, he smiled and winked at me.. hahah. i guessed he just realised it. u know, this is safety, i thought this course gonna be serious and sledom joke about it. guess i was wrong though, through out the month from service to safety course, these jokers never stop their joke bomb. and u know me, i just cant hold it inside, i just laugh, i dont care as well cos its funny and it make me stay awake!

seriously, these ppl take things easy man, especially during ramadan, every thing is just cool. they make things easy too, cos they wan to go home fast, no one give a damn to anything i guess. this is the only cool thing i like here, every thing is possible...

any way, everyone pass, and everyone is happy and get their license and go back early.

finally im done with all these and i cant wait to fly out of kuwait!!

*evil laugh so glad that u are back.

but, not that glad at all actually. for years i've been keeping u as a friend and u took me for granted. good! nothing much i can say though.

u thought im gonna be there for u all the time... um, yes! as a friend. NO, if u wan me to take u back. no point dear, u are too little too late. i cant do this for u any more, waiting and waiting, what's the point of that?? i dont get any good out of it. make me down cast and reducing my self confidence only..! since i ady restore my confidence towards this kind of situation... u are no longer important, cos im not to u though.

yeah, i still like u as a friend, what ever u told me was so right. i did and still appreciate all the lesson u taught me. its really helpful and u let me see and learnt from u. if i didnt meet u, i wouldnt know so much!! u were a good mentor. thanks for that.

if wanna spend time together... um. no thanks! i rather be friends, i felt better this way. u were gone for so long and now what u expect...??!!

but its okay, im still cool enough to go out and go for luxury dinning. go for quality and class. but im kindda tired of doing it. seriously i rather go eat at the road side mamak store, roti canai, nasi lemak or may be maggie goreng with milo ice! its tired to go and have all the table manners.... excuse me, i just need a break, a relax conversation over the dinner with some red or white. dont tell me to do this and that, improve and dont talk non sense. cut the crap dear, i like to laugh and chill out. im serious enough to perform my current duty and my previous sale/ marketing, talking and branding the drugs to doctors and specialist. i dont want to be so serious for a gathering dinner, this is not a company dinner talk for the product okay? can we just relax a bit??

any way it's up to u, if u wan to be serious, okay, i can be serious. but im not gonna talk much. i just want to finish the dinner fast and go back else im going to join my group of friends for a drink this time. or may be i rather be alone to chill at the bar or some thing.

wahhaha......dont u get it??! any way, im still looking forward to meet up my old friend.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

im here still...

since im away from home, away from friends, away from my routine life.. pretty bored, i know! here, i dont have any social life at all, but thank God i still have some chinese and malay malaysian around to socialised a bit when the gals are available.

okay, well although i just get to know them when im here in kuwait 2 years ago. but... we still keep in touch, still talk alot, especially gossip and complain about work. that's pretty fun.. hehe. and helping each other out once a while. may be the friendship bonding not as strong as the hydrogen bonding in chemistry..... umm, may be van der wall bonding among us..hahhaha....still bonding though. i like long as not fighting. love u gals... serious! time we spent cooking, baking, eating, traveling, dinners...etc. just a unforgetable experience.

friends comes and go, some quickly go, and some become friends and stay awhile, some may stay forever.... some are sincere and some's not.

remember i mentioned once.. long ago, i said i dislike rich rich kids, most of them are not hamble, or may be they're humble. or may be they dont know how to associate with someone not as rich as them. well... it due to personality attitude too, some are friendly, some are not! friendly guys they have tons of friends..... they're so popular, and busy and full of entertainment.. for sure, who doesnt like to hang out with popular and richie rich! they give u a ride with their luxury and fancy sedan, else sport! they dine at high class restaurant instead of road side store; they carry all the branded LV, Gucci, Prada, D & G, Hermes instead of fake LV, fake Gucci..they attend parties, event by invitation card.... for me, i have to queue in line to enter the street party... hahahha. well, some of my richi rich friends they do hang out with me and the rest too, so far i didnt get any complains when we hang out, chilling. come on, look at who they hang out with..some one with the magic.. hehhe

well, since so many ppl try to get these richie rich to become friends.. trying their best to grab them, to be close, to get some benefits out of that may be, or may be some hidden motives... emm. this sound more business to me now. any way, why not.. u can add more friends to your network, but this bunch of friend...are they sincere enough??? u never know. they may be the one safe your ass or may be the one to pull u in trouble.

some thing was going on lately.. hmm........ i duno what to say. i dont have the rights to condemn anyway. u know me, im harsh and tooo straight forward. naked truth is always ugly and this may affect our friendship if u are not cool enough to take it from me. so i rather keep quiet instead..

so... just watch out your surrounding network dear, not everyone with good deed. and thank God, i have quite a few of sincere friends. no pressure, nothing, cos im not a rich kid, the only thing i trade with is my sincerity and thoughful act...*smile.

as a friend to u, i dont ask much doesnt means i dont care. emm, but i did ask how are u lately, what u doing, or just email to tell u some far, and distance does matter, which i said its's not. hahah, sorry that i cant hang out much. i cant do anything but DELL plus internet technologies is the only way to keep in touch. just hope u will not find me annoying, that's all i can say..

i with you still, serious..*hugs

Monday, August 24, 2009


those who read my blog.. for sure u know i've been talking about Alladdin from Disney cartoon and Doraemon the 21st century robot from Japan.

this robot cat, Doraemon is a freaking cool companion. i love it since im young, how i wish i have one and all my problem solved... haha. i can travel from space to space with its " magic door"; else i can travel time like the glider.... undo the history. some thing like that.. wahhah.

well, i need alladin now.... so i can ride with him on the magic carpet to see the stars for a bit.. hahha, isnt it cool?? then i will buy him a bottle of champagne drink under the moon light while floating on the clouds...or may be sake. you call dude!! just give me the 3 wishes... haha. ohhhh, may be before that, can take some pix as souvenior! cheese....

im serious, i need this.

1st wish: i want my memories to be erased. completely! blank and empty!!
emotionaly and mentally tired for so long, im tired to be strong.... i dont wan to learn from the mistake, nor sad case senario any more. i had enough heart breaking news to feel upset. hard to take it easy during certain period of time. i cant cope with that especially when im alone. im nervous, panic and scared!

2nd wish: my money trees will grow real money. i meant REAL! not just leaves.
haha.... so i can have new toy any time i want to. give some to the good and sincere people. donate it to the charity, helping out the poor.

3rd wish: i want friends and famlies i love most, those im keeping are healthy and safe after i lost my memories!

just 3 simple wishes...... but let me remember you Alladdin, so i can give you a call for a drink to say thank you!

refresher B777-200 + practical

yearly refresher course again...

well, i always affraid of doing the sliding and getting into the slide raft without assistant. for the test... it's just easy, not challenging at all, but frankly speaking, i dont want it to be difficult, just general safety knowledge will do, this is not rocket science anyway!

look at the company's crew.....come on, u think all of them can do this?? i cant either if i dont read. for this ZD... ahemmm.. no comment. just fed up, and had enough! wasta, discrimination.... all the sh*yte!! what ever, cant be bother much, just some times get aggitated when my EQ is low.. LOL

thank god nysa is with me in the class..... and lots of funny craps was going on. as usual, the instructor will eye us about it... what to do, its funny when he mentioned if the slide raft wasnt inflated and we didnt block the exit, god wish the pax can fly. and what if the slide raft wasnt inflated, in order to pull the manual inflation handle and some idiot pulled the disconnect handle instead.... that's pretty owesome!! hahah, emergengy slide raft gonna disconnected from aircraft and u will only say bye bye to the slide raft... hahhaah. my imagination went wild and i cant stop laughing!!

emm.... guess i did well for the test.. haha.. as long as i got the aircraft license to operate the flight, i dont really care which question i got it worng or right. who cares man, with this company, they pay ne to sit at home to go online... um, okay they pay for my luxury hand bag and my fashion tooo.. this can really drives some one crazy due to the jealously ehh.... wahahha. frankly, u dont see what's behind the rock, its full of stress, suffer, struggles and tears. umm...... i dont mentioned it doesnt mean im fine with all these, im just... try to take it easy but im bit out of control lately. stress aku!
practical was alright too......the usual sliding and getting into the slide raft without assit from other. still.. its really difficult, the slide raft is freaking high when im in the water!! m not kidding, if there's real emergency happen, i hope those non cabin crew will start to appreciate the flight attendant once they board the aircraft, get rid of the stupid minded, i pay and u serve me. and im so gonna say, u are so gonna be the last one i will safe! so, be nice to me, and i will be nice!! wahahha, know wonder my colleague said the first and biz class pax they're deserved to have me flying as first class. im so gonna ........ u know me!

here's some pix to share, check this out!

nysa and me....., my MYS buddy. she's there for the REF 777, and im gonna prepare for the practical.

me with the bright red ....for sliding, else gonna burn my skin.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

good news ever..........

days ago i was stressed.... and im still actually. but its okay. God he's testing my patient again!

all the malaysian gals they received an email except me.. my name has been left out.!! that's the first reason im stress! i wonder why and i started to worry. im emotional and speechless, but i still say good luck and all the best to some gals...well, what to do if im not being considered.. just my rotten luck!

in order to find out what's the reasoni dont get the god damn email, i went to the person in-charge who sent it. hopefully i looked sincere enough that day. good news is im included for the application.. may be there's some human error..... well, this is not funny, i cant take this kind of silly joke! this matter is serious, i dont accept human error, this matter my colourful life back in malaysia! i want to apply as a base crew, based and stay in malaysia.!!

so far i sent all the papers which is needed for the application...... and im looking forward to hear the good news in another 2-3 weeks!! and please cross your fingers for me, so all of us gonna be home soon!!

frankly speaking...

will i miss kuwait?? NO!! 100% positive!!

will i miss london... yes!

will i miss new york..... YES!

but its just minimum rest.... well, actually its good enough to go shopping, grab a drink with friends staying in london and new york. how i wish i can stay longer and go party, or something...

i will miss the moment i spent with dearly at parties, at restaurant, drinking at the bar... etc. never forget all the moment with wine, sake, and champagnes!!

so.......please pray hard for me, for other gals as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009

u gals and guys are my treasure for life....thank you all * kiss

thanks to all of u... i did enjoyed these 3 whole weeks in kuwait with all the crazy talk...chatting in msn, emails and so so many things, this is really a good memories though. as i mentioned, i never forget the good things in life, i do appreciate every moment i spent with ppl i love!

the weather in kuwait is freaking hot and humid now, 44c and the humidity.. about 20%?? im not sure. but i felt im back in malaysia, cos i was sweating while i walked from the gate to transport.....well, this is unusual. seriously i dislike humid weather in kuwait, its really suxx big time. the worse case senerio is the garbage. i wonder why they dont collect it every day.. or may be they did. during this period of time, with this freaking hot hot weather plus the humidity.......the pungent smell from the garbage is just ......lovely!! it was gross.. and yuck.... eww.... the smell is f*cking my sense!! i need to hold y breather once i get off the transport and rush back into the rest house.

apart from the humid burning weather... every thing seems fine. just a little headache now and then...its usual. life in kuwait just damn great! hahah, seriously no comment about it anymore. as long as im still hang out with my lovely buddy once awhile, laugh and complain over the ciggi, dinner session.. every thing gonna be good after that!! thank you gals... u know i love u both alot whenever u gals with me! *kiss

and thanks to my dearly, u are not perfect, but u are still cool and steady. that's why i still love u as a freind since...... young. u are just like my fairy tale, please make sure u will be available when i need u dearly!! thanks for dropping by msn and chat with me and i had a good laugh and some old time stories u told me. thank you for restoring my confidence!! *hugsss

thought im a little emotionals... who doesnt. but i still handle it well, still having fun in the course with other coursemates. love some of them who really fun and crazy.. once again. thank you gals!! i wouldnt make it without all of you... i had 3 full fun weeks during the course!! xie xie!!

and some small notes..... seriously. it's sweet and funny when i read through it again and again. kept smiling at the lappie.... someone may think im crazy!! but who crazy, so what!!

i just love all the things u all sent to me.. and thank u to all of u who really care....promise me one thing, please dont forget me, cos u gals and guys are my treasure for life!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

high score - 100%

i was surprised with my own score for the first aid course. i had 60 for the quiz and 40 for the case.. wau.!! of course its not as crazy as rocket science.. but still have to read for it though.. and u all know i dislike test.

any way, i did a good job, finally im done with the first class course. so im gonna wait for the service clearance onboard, which i duno when.. just hope for the best!!

now im gonna concentrate on my refresher course... 3 more test to go....

Monday, August 17, 2009

74 + 10.... im done with the service course

finally.... i was so nervous just now.

the passing grade gonna be 80 and above for every thing, performance, attitude, grooming, practical, theory.

seriously i didnt read much, every answers could be the right answer. due to i didnt pay attention much and didnt read much, that's why the 45 questions to me is damn tricky!!

i did the retest for gastro paper, and i dont wish to have another retest to stress myself for another couple of days by reading up the crazy trolley setting inside the service bible... im so not gonna do that and give up my time with youtube and music!! damn, i sound miserable, dont i.. hehehehe.

anyway, im done with the service... first aid gonna be next ..[how to kill pax, pls refer to my previous blog] and up comin refresher and practical... which i hate most!!! then the service clerance.... wohooo. then im a first class flight attandent!! well, who doesnt right?? as long as those working as a cabin crew, sooner or later they gonna be one too....umm....okay, so im one of them! LOL

thank you guys for all the support!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

patchy farewell dinner + mao + pui's birthday celebration

this is the total thai gathering... hehhe

went out dinner with the thais and malaysian gals to celebrate mao and pui's birthday in august. as well as patchy's farewell birthday.. this gal is going back to wrok as a bkk base crew. congratulations patchy!!! gonna miss u my neighbour.

patchy.. batchy the thai gal going back as a bkk base crew.. with shawn posing...stupid!

the thai birthday gals.......
birthday cake....too sweet

and... what else... food and non alcoholic drinks again... at the so call italian grill restaurant. yummy!!

starter........salmon grill salad..
american rib eye... mine!
grill salmon with angel's hair... hehhe

and our black berry phones..... mine the smallest plus slim. curve 8900!

Monday, August 10, 2009

HBF type B + SNF 3

today practical..... okay, some thing light instead. so, can give a break to my cholesterol.

here's some group pix with other nationalities..
the filipino gals..
the thai gals....

manuals and my notes........
oo, some food pix for u go guys, nothing much ... enjoy!

tray set up..
6 choices for breakfast.........wauuu.
cold snacks............
hot snacks...............
dessert.......with fruits, but i didnt get to capture..sorry.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

some funny incident i heard today..

another long day for the course......yawn.

but today its a little difference... nysa and fahed had first aid refresher. fahed is our senior working in the first class...he's a funny guy by the way, i flew with him to frankfurt and we had a fun day out with others. good experience though... any way, thank you both for the day, i had a good laugh!

when we were about to march into the class room...we started the bullshitting as usual.... some funny experience during the flight, years before, or just happened recently. here some good one let me share abit... see, im caring, cos im sharing it. hehe.
listen....this is not the proper practise, just some chill stuffs to relax and laughs.

3 important categories we learnt to become a cabin crew, which is first aid; aviation security and last service.

we serve pax onboard.... alright, which is what im doing in the first class course at the moment, these retards said the pax deserves me... WTF!! hahah. i know im crazy, but i will treat the pax nice.... rule number one, only if they're nice. LOL

aviation security is to safe the pax from someone trying to hijack the plane.. which i hope its not gonna happen, never is possible...

first aid is......actually is to safe lives too. especially when someone's having heart attack, difficulties in breathing, nose bleeding.... etc. but these crazy said this refresher course is to teach them how to kill the pax.. LOL (@__@) instead of kiss of life for the PRC, they're gonna do the kiss of death. prior to the procedure, ask the pax that u may take it or drop it... your choice!!!! wahahaaa. or else..... call cheif, cheif someone need u, URGENT!! hahaha...funny siang. the cheif must be damn headache if we really do this to them all the time, anything we gonna call cheif, cheif, cheif!!

years before, one of the pax having breathing difficulties. she/ he told one of the crew about it. fine, this guy he was doing the beverage in the cabin and later they called cheif afterwards. so cheif asked another crew to bring the oxygen bottle... guess what crew brought??? she brought the fire extinguisher instead. LOL..... seriously i dont know what's in her mind, only water in her brain or what??!! she got reported for that i supposed. then she blamed the crew who's doing the beverage. well, u know... some small investigation and clearification has to carry out. the crew was with the BEV said he cant leave his BEV trolley... hahahaha. that's funny. what the hell.... the entire crew are so cool, relax and slumber....hahha.

another senario was during the service...some spelling mistake appeared in the menu. and the crew didnt check prior giving out to the pax sitting at the first class. well, kuwait is a rich country, if im not wrong. so other pax who travel with us may think we serve something really special as mentioned in the menu... he was amased and double confirm with the crew again. well, for sure the pax didnt know it was a spelling mistake. later, they found out there was a spelling mistake in the menu. instead of "tenderloin", it spelled "tenderlion" hahahah, isnt it crazy enough?? pax thought we're serving lion meat onboard.. (*_*) how i can serve the pax better.. LOL

HMF type B practical

another practical day for the most lenghten meal service......althought its long, but its's okay.. hahha, so i can eat from 1000LT to 1400LT.. 4 hours!! yum yum. but i have to pay for the price of getting fat wey........ i was so so sooooo full! i can feel im 2kg heavier when i tried to lift myself into the transport just now.. ahhah. what so ever!!

let me show u some of the pix then u will know why i cant stop eating.. yum yum, enjoy!!

it started with this.....the lay out.

then the starter, salad and soup before the main course.

[ i took my fav tabula and spicy shrimps with baby scallop on tomato slide]

then main out from the trolley

[dolly fish with stuffed salmon on.... duno what sauce. my bad!] turn.

the "tenderlion"....wahahah. the fine beef cut..

another final touch of the meal service..... dessert!!

and i took two types of if......well. additional fruits and black tea.
so, u guys know why i said im FULL FULL!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

please think good and act good ... u can make the difference.

i read from the e-newspaper, one year there's alot of abandon old folks and orphan, and it's increasing everyday.

well, actually alot of reason that cause this happened.

for example, certain old folks may be they're really fuck up through out their life; some may be too harsh to their families; some may be abandon their family and married a new gal and started a new family, but didnt make it for a happy ending..... so... serve them right or what?? seriously i duno what to say.

u all know me im a very practical person, or may be u can say im rational, but im not when comes to family matter.. LOL. anyway, let me tell u the fact is, if someone with family value, they will not ended up in old folks home during their old age, except some tragedy happened and they're the only one left with no money in their pocket.

if someone with family value, their healty thinking will be tranferred this kind of healthy thinking to their next generation. okay, may be the kids toooooo crazy and still left their parents due to the influence of their partner. but i guess.. not so much of them doing it. never know, everyone has their evil side. pathatic ....

but long as u act good, think good and contribute to the family, i guess they will appreciate u till the day u die. and they will still miss u around.

well, no matter what this old folks did, i guess they're regret. i know its kindda too little to late, but imagine, they're old, poor and lonely. good enough they have the social workers, and able to celebrate with others old folks during the festi. what if those left in the hospitals??? they're old, poor, lonely and SICK.... so hor, in order to cut down the rate of being abandon.

i wish u all seriously think about it okay, try to help if u can, and try to care for your family member instead. family always the best, they never left u, always by your side when u need them. although they didnt help much, but they did try their best, isnt it. anyway u cant keep on asking others to help u out, the fact is you yourself gonna help yourself too, dont u think so??

so gals and helpful and caring is u can, just try to donate food, clothes or may be small amount of money. u can make the difference.

my first week of first class course

finally im in the first class course, total of 15 gals in the class, 4 filipino, 2 bangali, 1 iranian, 7 thai and im the only malaysian from my batch B7. i wonder why they keep me with this gals instead of joining other malaysian gal for their first class course in october 2009 later. hmm. but what so ever... cant bother much. since i dont have to fly, and i can take care and monitor my health by adjusting the sleeping hours as well as the right time for each meal.

course just started for a week.... and every thing seem not that difficult, but hell lot home work to do. one thick manual and some extra copies.. may be have to wake up damn early in the morning, and the class ended due to the progress. but as long as i can go back before 5pm, i dont really bother. due to some silly they love to ask alot silly questions..... and the class got delayed. why dont i have the course with the malaysian gals?? the progress gonna be so so much faster i believed. but what to do, the culture and the crew in the company... ahemm. no comment! but i have my right to complain it here....LOL
some pix from the top showed i visited the casgo from the company. even other airline food are prepared from here too. but of course with their own inboard menu and other stuffs...etc. well, can consider something new to know and learnt. why not, i love new things, new infor, to gain more general knowledge as usual.
so, i didnt feel that stress stress even im grounded for 1 month. 1 month consider damn freaking long to be in kwi, but since this course can kill time and learning.. why not. just have to spend more money since no flying hours allowance. but still okay with me, some times i spent more when i fly.. LOL

some dish out food from the first class after visiting casgo....the medium done tenderloin is yummy!!
the first day of practical of the week was alright, i guess. have to keep reading the manual to brand the sequence of service in my mind. hot meal, light meal, quick meal, snacks, continental breakfast, the tray set up, the arrangement of the trolleys for different types of service, and which type of service, type A, B, C or D. equipment trolleys, HDO and salad trolleys, main course trolleys, dessert trolleys, tea and coffe trolleys, or else combined the dessert and T/C trolleys.. and which one should go twice for the service, explain the menu, the food, the way of present the of countless things i learnt in this week, and i have 2 more weeks to go......
emm, and i always cant get it right. give me some time to master it alright, cos this is not rocket science la dude, chill and relax wey....
by the way, after joining the airline industry, i still dont agree to have the meal service on board, cos its tooo wasted. do u know due to the hygenic purpose, they throw every thing to the trash after each flight. its so not environmental friendly, and all these money, money that can build a better place for the orphan and the abandon old folks. so u know what i want to say guys, if u can, just donate food or money to them once in a while. if u can, if u care...

okay, i went too far again!! sorry guys. enjoy the dessert they serve for this season in first class.

so far...... i still enjoying learning. because i can eat during the practical service. and sorry guys, i forgot to take the pics of the lamb shank, the salad and the side dishes as well. u know me... too busy and working hard on the food... ahah. and a pic of me in the fisrt class seating at mock up. can notice the head sets? i was pretended enjoying the inflight entertainment, and giving hard time in a nice way to the crew. naughty pax!